Cute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Your First Valentine’s Day Together

These cute Valentine's Day date ideas are going to be perfect for any couple who is newly dating! Here are the best Valentine's dates for you!

Today when people think of a date, the first thought is netflix and chill’.’ Here are some cute valentine’s day date ideas that you can set up for your first Valentine’s Day together, so that you don’t spend this February 14th don’t spend your night stuck on a couch without any plans.

1. Make dinner at home

Why would you go to dinner when you can turn your home into a restaurant, and cook a meal yourselves. This is one of many cute valentine’s day date ideas will not only save you money in the long run but create memories of both of you showing off your best cooking skills.Cute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Your First Valentines Day Together

2. Glamping

Don’t have time to plan a getaway or to make plans out of town? You can create a cute valentine’s day staycation in your own town. Reserve a hotel room and turn it into your own ‘glamping’ grounds. Grab your favorite wine, turn on the fire place and snuggle up!

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3. Outdoor Activities

Depending on where you live, you and your date can spend Valentine’s Day together in the great outdoors. There are tons of cute valentine’s day date ideas that take place outside. Choose from going on a hike, visiting food trucks, or even ice skating. An ourdoor date is a cute and fun alternative to the typical dinner and a movie.

Cute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Your First Valentines Day Together

4. Wine and Design

This is a popular trend that is popping up all over the place.  (Also is called Sip and Paint) It is a cute valentine’s day date idea brings together art and wine, two of everyones favorite past times. Try your best to replicate the instructors photo while sipping on your favorite red or white.

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5. Recreate your first date/the night that you first met

Okay this one right here is for all of the romantics. For a Valentine’s Day date you can either recreate either your first date or, the night that you met. This super cute idea will take you back to that very day (without all of the nerves) and give you butterflies and make you fall in love all over again.

Cute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Your First Valentines Day Together

6. Dance Lessons

No, we do not mean dancing hot and heavy in a city club (at least not tonight). Take an opportunity this Valentine’s Day to learn a new skill and look into signing up yourself and your partner for some fun and creative dance lessons.  For Valentine’s Day day date ideas, choose from salsa, ballroom, and many more. You never know when you will be invited to your next wedding and need to show off some moves.

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7. Sports Game

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be sappy and romantic, here is your chance to show off your competitive side. You can add a bit of intensity to your Valentine’s Day ideas by taking your partner to one of your favorite sports teams. Snack on beer, fried foods and popcorn as cheer on your favorite athletes in a sea of screaming fans.

Which one of these cute valentines day date ideas are you excited to try this year? Comment below.
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