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Cute Touches That Will Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Cute Touches That Will Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Moving into a dorm for the first time or just moving back after summer can be extremely exciting. Living on campus gives you endless opportunities and a ton of freedom. Adding your own personal touch to your dorm is a must. These decor ideas will help you make your room feel like your new home. 

1. Pictures

If you’re anything like me, you love pictures. I self identify as a picture hoarder for sure. I’m also very into printing out pictures and using them to decorate. They are a great memory of some of my favorite experiences with my loved ones. Picture frames are cute and simple decorations to add to your desk or dresser. Another super cute idea is to hang them from a string that you put across your bed. This decoration can fit tons of pictures and looks super cute. Polaroids are also a great idea and can simply be taped up on your walls. No matter which route you take to decorate with pictures, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results. Pictures of friends and family are guaranteed to remind you of home if you’re ever missing it. 

2. Cork Board

Corkboards can also be a great place to display pictures, but can also display other miscellaneous things. I like to buy a big one from Target or any craft store and decorate it to my liking. I hang up pictures, concert tickets, sports games tickets, wristbands, photo booth strips and any other memories I want to hold on to. This cork board can be a trip down memory lane and it will be fun to add to as you collect more things. This is also easy to decorate with cute push pins.


3. Vision Board

Vision boards have been all the rage lately and making them can be such a fun activity. If you don’t know, a vision board is where you post pictures and inspirational quotes that inspire you for your future. For example, you can post your dream car, house, or travel destination. I also like to include my favorite quotes that remind me to work hard and be positive. Vision boards are a great idea for your dorm room. They’re a great reminder to work hard when school and life gets hectic. They are super personalized and that’s why they are so fun to make. You can find inspiration for what to put on yours on Pinterest. Several Youtubers have also made videos on how to easily make your own. 

Cute Touches That Will Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

4. Books

If you’re into reading and love books, having a bookshelf is a must. Bringing your favorite books from home will be comforting and enjoyable to read. Adding new books to your collection will also give you something to do to help pass the time. Reading can be a great hobby to pick up if you haven’t already. It helps you disconnect from your phone and TV, while still enjoying yourself. You can also decorate your book stand with cute bookends and other decors. Even if you don’t have a huge book collection, you can fill empty space in your bookshelf with picture frames and other cute trinkets. (Picture from Decoist)


Cute Touches That Will Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

5. Letters and Cards

I love holding on to letters and cards I have received from friends and family over the years. I keep a shoe box full of meaningful memos that I have received on my birthdays, holidays or just because. Keeping these may seem silly. However, if I ever feel lonely or miss everyone back home, these are a great reminder of the people I love. Just keep the cards that are most special to you and store them away in a small box so they don’t take up too much room since space can be limited. 

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6. String Lights

Hanging lights are such a cute addition that can make any room feel cozier. A string of lights looks adorable hanging over a bed or headboard. They make the room feel homier. They also double as a practical night light when you want to turn off all the other lights. Most also come with an easy to use on and off switch. You can find affordable and cute light options at stores like Target, Marshall’s, Home Goods and TJ Maxx. If you want your room to feel comfortable, cute and girly, then this is a great decoration option.

  Cute Touches That Will Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

7. A Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge is a college must. Since dorms are often very small and don’t include kitchens, you need somewhere to store your foods and drinks. Food can also be very comforting. Your favorite snacks and meals are sure to remind you of the countless meals you ate with friends and family back home. Mini fridges are very affordable and can be found at chain stores like Walmart, Target or Sears. Mini fridges with separate shelves can also help you and your roommates split up your food, which will help you stay organized. 


8. A Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is essential for girls who love to accessorize. You also need somewhere to organize your favorite earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. A cute jewelry box will be the perfect decoration for your dorm. It’s also very useful because it will help keep your favorite belongings safe and all in one place. Most home decor stores will have cute and affordable options. If you want a more high-quality jewelry box that will last you for years, you can check department stores. 

One of the best and most exciting parts of college is finally having your own space. You’re finally free to live your best life and do what you want. However, all this newfound freedom can sometimes leave you missing home and your friends and family. Decorating your new place with mementos that will make you feel at home is the key to loving where you live. Share your favorite decorations and ways to spice up your dorm room in the comments down below!

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