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Cute Tiny Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want Now

Cute Tiny Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want Now

Tattoos are incredibly personal, for obvious reasons. Looking for tattoo ideas and picking which one is right for you can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something on the smaller side. If you’re someone who would like a tiny tattoo, a.k.a. a micro tattoo, this article is perfect for you. Bellow are tiny tattoo ideas that will look great wherever you decide to place them. Just because you aren’t planning bodysuit, or even a sleeve, doesn’t mean you can’t still appreciate body art. These tattoos are perfect for people who want something small but meaningful. Plus tiny tattoos aren’t just trendy, they’re also easy to cover up with makeup if you would ever have to. They’re the cutest little accessory you could ever want. 

1. Flowers

This minimal flower is a little different from the typical tiny tattoo. This one is still very small but it incorporates just enough color to make it stand out. 


2. Lettering

You don’t need to dedicate your entire back for a word, instead, you could get lettering done in very simple and small font. The tattoo below might fade over time but it’s unexpected and would be an incredible way to celebrate pride. 

3. Space

This one is so simple but so cute. Having a little bit of space on your wrist would be pretty incredible. Considering how small these tattoos are you could even get a cluster of them and create your own little universe. 


4. Black Heart

This tattoo is so tiny and so strategically placed that people will have to take a double-take. From a distance, it actually looks like a birthmark. This tattoo idea will leave people thinking you’re naturally magical.


5. Ocean

This tattoo idea goes out for everyone who wishes they were always ankle-deep in the ocean. Just a few lines are needed to create this scenic image. 

6. Sun

Another great part of tiny tattoo ideas is that they tend to be geometric, the fewer details the better. Instead of getting a hyper-realistic sunset instead consider the tattoo below. It’s an interesting take on a setting, or rising, sun. 


7. Cat

If you’re someone who absolutely loves cats this tattoo is for you. This tattoo incorporates clean line skills to perfectly create the silhouette of a cat sitting on a crescent moon. It’s truly a magical image. 


8. Realistic Heart

Tiny tattoo ideas don’t have to be minimal. If you want a tiny tattoo but still want detail, consider the tattoo below. It really takes the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve to a whole new level. People will be impressed with how tiny, yet detailed, this tattoo is. 

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9. Happy Face

This tattoo idea is just cute. Not every tattoo has to have some long-winded explanation behind it, you can simply just get one that makes you smile. This tattoo isn’t just cute it will also remind you to be happy every time you look down at it. 

10. Lightning Bolt

This tattoo is perfect for people who are electrifying, or just really, really like the “boy who lived”. Bonus points if you manage to get this tattoo with someone else!


11. Astrological Sign

This is probably the most customizable tattoo. If you’re super into astrology and look to the stars for answers you should consider getting your astrological sign tattooed on your body. Just a clean, crisp design of your sign would be adorable. 


12. Bee

Save the bees! This is another tattoo that goes beyond minimalism. It’s still very small but designed so perfectly people will be impressed. 

What are your favorite tattoo ideas? Comment below!

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