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10 Cute Tattoos That Are Perfect For Every Type Of Person

Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years. But In recent decades they became taboo. Nowadays, people are more open-minded about body art. Companies are hiring more tattooed employees than ever before. We’re slowly moving past the stigma that people with tattoos aren’t good people. And that’s great! We want a future where no one’s being judged by their skin or body modification.

If you’re going through the magical time in your life where you’re looking for inspiration for your first or next tattoo, let us give you inspiration with 10 cute tattoos that are perfect for every type of person.

1. Butterfly

Butterflies are always a nice idea for a tattoo because they have an unmistakable shape. It doesn’t matter if you get a stick figure drawing of one or one that has a ton of shading and detail, people will always recognise what it is. Plus, they’re beautiful and a natural gift. They’re the only bugs we don’t freak out at.

2. Sun & Moon

These are great ideas for matching tattoos that aren’t exactly matchy-matchy. The sun and the moon are both powerful forces that affect everyone. This tattoo could definitely be for you or your friend who’s really into astrology. We love the thick lines and the placement of these tattoos is super unique!

3. Permanent Jewelry

Everyone has insecurities right? One of ours is that we don’t particularly like our feet. They’re not ugly, they’re not pretty, they’re just feet. One of our philosophies is that if you don’t like something, you have the absolute right to change it! Why not take a body part that you’re insecure about and give it the old dazzle dazzle? Turn it into something you love. The dainty jewellery-like tattoo on this foot is so beautiful! 

4. Negative Space

This tattoo is for the person that loves illusions and tricks played on the eye. That’s exactly what the next tattoo does. Negative space tattoos take a regular tattoo and erase a part of it. It’s almost as if they drew the whole tattoo and then took an eraser to the middle of it. It’s a really cool, modern take on an otherwise normal tattoo.

5. Making a Statement

Some people like small tattoos that are cute and can be easily missed. Others don’t mind bold and bold tattoos that take up an entire limb. This tattoo is for the latter. If you like making a statement but still like to keep it clean, a bigger more simple tattoo might be for you. This tattoo does take up the whole leg but there’s tons of empty space which makes it feel less like a sleeve and cleaner.

6. A Dangerous Rose

It’s really cool when tattoos mix opposites together. This next tattoo features a beautiful rose wit ha snake wrapped around it. The idea of something soft and beautiful mixed with something dangerous is what makes this tattoo stand out! We also love the placement as it’s right in the middle of the chest which means that it’s basically a secret until you don’t want it to be a secret anymore.

7. A Little Heat

This tattoo is super cute! We love the idea and the placement. It’s a simple and minimal line in the form of fire. We love that it’s on the finger which is a very bad-ass place to put it. We’d definitely feel like a fire bender after we got this tattoo! No one could stop us from shooting invisible flames at our enemies. 

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8. A Touch from the Future

As hard-core sci-fi & art fans, we love this next tattoo! It’s an ultra-futuristic take on The Creation of Adam. With a human hand on the left and a robotic hand on the right, it’s the perfect combination to represent the future of mankind. We’re geeking out!

9. Whimsical Hearts

This tattoo if for the people who love fantasy. A heart placed is placed in an open jar and vines grow from the heartstrings. We love how real and not real this is!

10. Patterns

We love the idea of getting something decorative as a tattoo. The style of this tattoo is called mehndi or henna. It comes from the Middle East, South Asia, and India. We love the intricate details and symmetry of this tattoo. This tattoo is for someone who loves to get wild but in an orderly way. 

Tell us which tattoos you’d like to have in the comments below! We want all of them!

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