10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

Men can’t read women’s minds. Therefore, it might be a little hard to figure out what amazing event they can put together to surprise their girlfriends. Boys relax. You don’t have to throw down half your paycheck to please your girl. The secret to surprising your girlfriend is in the smaller gestures that you may not think matters but they do. Here are 10 cute surprises guys should do for their girlfriends.

1. Buy Her Flowers

Flowers are simple, yet romantic. This old-school gesture is timeless and is sure to put a smile across your girlfriend’s lovely face. If you want to go the extra mile, have a bouquet of roses delivered to her work or home. That will sure brighten her day.

2. Serenade Her With Music

If you can sing or play an instrument this is the perfect chance to serenade your girlfriend. Remind her that she is precious and deserves nothing but the best. Don’t feel bad if you can’t sing or play an instrument because this cute surprise is still on the playing field. Try your best to serenade her. She will appreciate your effort and still feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Let your inner rock star shine.

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3. Long Conversations Over The Phone

Suck it up and pick up the phone. Maybe a deep conversation isn’t your idea of interesting but letting her talk about her day, what’s up in her life and everything under the sun will show your girlfriend that you truly do care about her and your relationship. Late night phone conversations are even better.

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4. Breakfast In Bed

Make sure you set your alarm for this one. Breakfast in bed is a sweet unexpected gesture that just doesn’t happen often enough. Food warms the soul allowing love to seep inside the heart. Make a breakfast fit for a queen with freshly squeezed juice, heart-shaped buttered toast (if you want to get fancy with it), bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Basically whatever you got in your refrigerator.

10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

5. Write Love Letters

You don’t have to be far apart to write a letter to your girlfriend. Letters are always a cute surprise that will have your girlfriend adoring you. Texting isn’t the same, so don’t turn to your phone for help. Regardless of your writing skills, letters remain one of the best sources for memories that you may look back on one day when you’re old.

10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

6. Give Your Girlfriend A Full Body Massage

Pick a nice spot in your house or apartment, light some candles and give your girlfriend a full body massage. Make sure to have some nice oils with a good fragrance to use on her skin. Play soft music in the background to make the mood more intimate. Your girlfriend will melt into a puddle of love as your hands massage her back, shoulders, and legs after a long day.

10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

7. Shower Her With Kisses

Sometimes kissing is more passionate than having sex. It takes a real man to hold back sexual urges and settle for sweet kisses. But your girl will love the attention. A few hickeys on her neck are no big deal. Kiss away.

10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

8. Take A Road Trip Together

Wake her up in the morning on her day off and suggest a spontaneous trip to the beach or mountains. It doesn’t matter where you chose to go it’s the long drive that counts. Road trips bring people closer together because you’re unplugged from your phone which gives you time to talk about fun, interesting subjects. Plus singing along to good songs never hurt anyone.

10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

9. Spend The Day Doing Something Fun

Get out of the house and try something new and fun together. This can be a sport, cooking class or even yoga. Better yet if your girlfriend has suggested something she was interested in doing in the past attend that activity with her. These moments should be fun for both of you.

10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

10. Throw A Party

It doesn’t have to be your girlfriend’s birthday for you throw her a cute surprise party. Let’s get this correct party meaning a simple gathering, not a rave. Surprise your girl with a nice kickback of her closest friends. Your job is to be a good host. Put some hotdogs on the grill, make sure you contact her friends and family. This will let your girl know that the people important in her life are important to you too.

10 Cute Surprises Guys Should Do For Their Girlfriends

Men let your romantic side come to the surface. These cute surprises for your girlfriend will have her falling in love with you all over again. Tell us in the comment section what cute surprises you’re down to try.
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