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13 Cute Super Bowl Hairstyles

13 Cute Super Bowl Hairstyles

Here are our top 13 cute Super Bowl hairstyles you need to try at the next Super Bowl party you attend! We've put together the cutest looks!

With two months until Super Bowl Sunday the time to find that one cute hairstyle for game time is almost up. Instead of spending time scrolling through your feed to find a style, we did it for you. Here are 13 cute Super Bowl hairstyles that you should try this year.

1. Upside down double dutch buns

Serve up some serious looks this game year with these out of world space buns! Spice up the look with adding some team colored glitter along the scalp. Just make sure to wash it out the next day. This is one of the cutest Super Bowl hairstyles!

2. Double braids

These days double braids are taking the hair game up a notch. Braid until the very end of your hair, or leave out some depending on how you want to wear them. Take out some hairs to frame your ears, and face. Don’t forget to apply an even spray to hold the look down.


3. Down and Twist

Don’t have time for something time consuming? Try this simple but still cute hairstyle. To achieve this look just begin to twist away a few strings from the face, when you get the desired twist tie it back. Now your ready to tackle game day! This is one of the Super Bowl hairstyles you need to try!

4. Messy buns

This football season why not try something classic? Messy buns will never go out of style, no matter what anyone says. Plus, it’ll help save time when your trying to paint on those pregame football stripes.

5. Half up top knot

Just roll out of bed with only five minutes before your squad rolls up? Fix that mane up with this simple, yet cute hairstyle. Just part your hair between the top and bottom layer, and then tie up the top layer. Easy, yet effective this hair style will make sure to have you game ready.


6. Curl it up

Set your alarm early, and turn on the curling iron because its curling time. Make sure to be styling on day old hair since its the best to work with. To get the best results, style section by section, and spray the roots and bottom ends.

7. Fish tail braid

Serve up some serious khalessi vibes this football season with queen like hairstyle. Easy to achieve, but also it’ll also have the squad bowing at your expertise.

8. Low Ponytail

Glamor up with this simple and cute hairstyle. Gather your hair into one hand, and place the elastic around it. Take out two pieces of bangs to frame the face, while smoothing out any lumps that remain. Make sure to apply some spray to hold the look in place.


9. High pony tail

With seconds before game time, you can count on this hairstyle to carry you to victory. Simply brush back any hair into your hand, before pushing it up into a ponytail. Once every lump, and crease is eased  take out some hairs to frame the face.

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10. Simple Side Braid

Braid back your hair into a simple side braid for something easy yet cute. Also, it’ll make sure that your hair isn’t getting into the way when you are doing your super bowl errands.


11. Keep it natural

Who says you have to style your hair for game day? Instead embrace the full natural look of your hair. Don’t worry no one will blame you when they show up in jerseys and pajama bottoms.

12. Straighten it out

Fire up the straightener and make sure to have a brush on hand. Taking your hair section by section straighten your hair the day before to make sure you have enough time. That way your not so hurried in the morning before getting ready for the Super Bowl.

13. Tie a bow around it

Get in the spirit by buying your team colors in a super cute bow. Not only will a bow add to your hair, but its a super cute way to root on your team.

These 13 cute Super Bowl hairstyles will make sure your super bowl Sunday starts off right. Know of another styles that didn’t make the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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