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Cute Summer Date Ideas That Will Heat Up Your Romance

Cute Summer Date Ideas That Will Heat Up Your Romance

Looking for some cute summer date ideas? Here's a list of some activities you might consider for your summer romantic life!

Have a budding summer romance? Trying to make sure your relationship doesn’t cool down this season? Want to be the one telling all your friends “summer lovin had me a blast”? Here are 8 super cute summer date ideas to keep the relationship sizzlin, and your instagram fire. 

1. Fire at the beach

Speaking of fire, this first date idea ignites a little romance in the sand with this as one of your cute summer date ideas. Bring along a beach blanket to sit on, a couple cold drinks, and a bluetooth speaker and you’ll be set for the night! Reminder: there isn’t typically great service by the ocean so make sure to download your playlists ahead of time if you want to guarantee that your tunes come through.

2. Drive in Movie

Drive-in movies are a lost treasure from generations past.  First and foremost, YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS. Just add a couple comfy pillows, a bunch of soft blankets, and your significant other and you have the comfiest, most aesthetically pleasing movie watching date ever.

3. $5 Tuesday at the Movies

Rainy day? On a budget? No drive-in near you?  Check your local theaters for their deals because many have a special called $5 Tuesday where you can see the latest movies with ticket prices at just $5!

4. A Bike Ride or Longboarding Trip to Get Ice Cream

Summer is the best season for ice cream and all the best seasonal shops have opened back up! Forgo the car and make a mini adventure out of biking or boarding to your local ice cream parlor. It’ll lead to a nice reward for the exercise!

5. A Night Under the Stars

Pick a warm, clear night and spend it outdoors! Grab a blanket and lay it down in a truck bed, the sand, or the grass.  Bring a speaker or just listen to the sounds of the night. Look up at the stars, talk, and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll see a shooting star!

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6. Hike to watch the sunrise or sunset

There’s tons of hills, mountains, quarries, and valleys across Massachusetts, so make use of them!  Wake up early one morning and head for the hills! It’s a great workout and comes with a great view at the top.

7. Kayaking

Now that you’ve had a leg workout hiking up the mountains, time to hit the water and work the arms! Rent or borrow some kayaks and go out on a pond or a river.  Pack some lunch so you can have a picnic when you come across a nice spot to stop. The views are beautiful from the water and you’ll always have a place to cool off if you need to abandon ship and go for a dip.

8. Batting Cages

So this one may seem a little stereotypical and an overused movie date but it’s actually such a great idea. It gives you time to either show off your athleticism or get close while perfecting your swing.  Maybe you’ll even get to first base 😉

Which one of thees cute summer date ideas will you go on? Let us below!
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