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10 Cute Suitcases To Buy Before Your Next Big Trip

Back when I was a senior in high school, my parents offered to take me anywhere in the U.S. that I desired to go to as my gift for graduation. I finally settled on going to Las Vegas, and I know it may seem strange that an 18-year-old would want to go there, but there’s tons to do in Vegas besides gambling. I believe it was right before my Spring Break started, that I received this big beautiful suitcase from my parents. I absolutely loved this new suitcase, and couldn’t wait to use it on our fast-approaching Vegas trip! Naturally, this suitcase had many uses for me, and proved the most useful when I moved into my dorm at the end of the summer that year. It fit all of my clothes perfectly; which actually shocked me completely. That cute suitcase lasted me about seven years. Unfortunately, when my husband and I got back to Denver International Airport at the beginning of 2019, my suitcase was returned to me in a somewhat mangled condition. Not only did we wait almost an hour for our luggage, but that luggage came back to us looking like someone had run it over. They actually bent the wiring where the zipper was, and the stitching was starting to come apart. Needless to say, I was fairly upset; I adored that cute suitcase! But on our next trip out to see relatives that May, I went out and bought a hard-shell suitcase, and it was one of the best buys that I could’ve made. Let them try and mangle that one! Plus, this new suitcase was even cuter than my old one. If you have a big trip coming up and are in the market for new and improved luggage, then check out these 10 cute suitcases!

1. Pink Swirls

It’s really too bad that Kohl’s didn’t have this particular suitcase when I went in to buy a new one, because I definitely would’ve bought it. This cute suitcase features different shades of pink in a mesmerizingly swirly pattern. I like how the swirls remind me of ribbons in a way. The suitcase is also a hard shell, so there will be no worries about certain items being accidentally crushed inside. It’s pretty tough to say no to this pink beauty!

Get this suitcase here:

2. Marble

I honestly love the look of this cute suitcase from Amazon! I’ve always been a fan of the marble look, as it adds a super cool effect to stuff. This suitcase features a white and black marble look and also has spinner wheels on it. I think that spinner wheel suitcases are the best way to go since they are so easily maneuverable. Plus, this cute suitcase is also lightweight and is a hard shell. Stand out at the airport with this clean, yet chic design!

Get this suitcase here:

3. Palm Tree

I can’t be the only one who is a fan of the tropical look right? Palm trees are one of my favorite trees in the world because they remind me of the wonderful beach vacations that I’ve taken over the years. This cute suitcase from Kohl’s features palm tree fronds in the colors of blue, purple, aqua, and pink. I love that the fronds also look to be layered, which gives the overall suitcase an awesome effect! If your next big vacation involves somewhere tropical, then this is the suitcase for you.

Get this suitcase here:

4. Minnie Mouse

When I first saw this cute suitcase from Amazon, I just knew that I had to include it on this list for all of the Disney lovers out there! This suitcase features pale pink polka dots on a black background, where every other one reads Minnie Mouse in a circular form. I do love that the handle matches with the pink polka dots on the suitcase. I can honestly say that this cute suitcase would be the perfect one to buy if you’re planning a big trip to Disneyland or Disney World; it would surely make Minnie Mouse proud!

Get this suitcase here:

5. Adorable Owls

Alright, hands down this is definitely the cutest suitcase on this list in my opinion. I just find owls to be such adorable and curious little creatures. This suitcase from Kohl’s features various-sized owls in pink, blue, green, and orange on a brown background. My favorite part about these charming owls is definitely the eyes! I do like how this suitcase also comes with a matching carry-on tote; nothing says having your life together like matching luggage! You’ll never have to worry about look-alike bags at the baggage carousel ever again with this cute suitcase!

Get this suitcase here:

6. Leopard

Hey, what can I say? I absolutely love leopard print, and this cute suitcase from Amazon is no exception to that! This hard-shell suitcase features a classic leopard print in a glossy finish. I also absolutely adore the brand Bebe, and actually have a pair of glasses by them that would match this suitcase perfectly! Naturally, this suitcase also has spinner wheels on it, so that you and your cute suitcase can walk side-by-side with no issue. How can you turn down such a wildly fabulous suitcase?

Get this suitcase here:

7. Sparkling Pink

I love, love, love this cute suitcase from Kohl’s! I find it funny that I don’t really like wearing the color pink, but if it’s on anything else, besides clothing, then I’m all for it. This suitcase features a darker pink color in quite the sparkly fashion. I also love how the handle, zipper pulls, and wheels all match with the color of the hard shell; it gives the suitcase a totally chic look! One thing that I can say for certain, is that you’ll be the proud owner of the most glamorous bags in the airport!

Get this suitcase here:

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8. Stunning Butterfly

I actually really like this adorable matching luggage set from Amazon! This cute suitcase features a bold multi-colored butterfly on an ivory background, two ornately detailed butterflies in black, and a cute little pink and purple butterfly at the top. It does seem like all of the different butterflies would clash with one another, but surprisingly, they don’t. I do like that they made the tote a hard-shell case as well so that it doesn’t get accidentally smooshed by a bigger piece of luggage! Let your inner butterfly out with this cute luggage set!

Get this suitcase here:

9. Hibiscus

Here is another cute tropical-themed suitcase from Kohl’s that is also super adorable! I love that this duffle bag suitcase features hibiscus flowers, which are my personal favorite of all the tropical flowers, in white and pastel pink on a black background. Now, this cute suitcase may not be a hard-shell or even a traditional suitcase, but it certainly still is a reliable one. Plus, I love all of the different zipper pockets that can make compartmentalizing your items that much easier! You’ll find it quite difficult to say no to this floral suitcase.

Get this suitcase here:

10. Rose Gold

I’ll be honest when I say that rose gold is probably one of my all-time favorite colors! The color itself is just so elegant and adds something special in my opinion. This cute suitcase from Amazon features a hard shell in a glossy rose gold color, along with a pretty dimensional diamond pattern. I was not surprised in the least when I saw that the brand of this suitcase is Bebe; they really do have some of the cutest stuff! Show off your fashionable side at the airport with this rose gold suitcase!

Get this suitcase here:

Which of these cute suitcases were your absolute favorites? Which one are you going to buy for your next upcoming vacation? Tell us in the comments below!

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