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15 Cute Spring Break Outfits You Need To Copy

Ah, spring break – a week filled of drinking too much, drama, friends, guys, bikinis, music, and more! This week is iconic in a college student’s four years of schooling since it’s so memorable (for both good and bad reasons!) However, the preemptive spring break planning is the exact opposite of all that fun. Planning for spring break consists of diets, less drinking, tanning, and of course shopping. Everyone wants to look good for that week of partying that they’re about to endure, therefore it’s needless to say planning out your spring break outfit is crucial. Here’s a list of cute spring break outfits that you need to pack your bags with!

1) Pin Stripes And Graphic Tees

There’s no need to go all out when packing your bags for spring break 2018. All that you need are some cute shorts, tee’s, and of course sunglasses.

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2) All The Right Accessories

One of the best parts about Spring Break is choosing bright, colorful and fun accessories to complement your beachy, tropical outfit. Pura Vida Bracelets is amazing brand with lots of cute bracelets, rings, and necklaces that easily stackable and give you that fun, vibrant spring break vibe.

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3) Cropped T-Shirts

Since you’re basically going to be living in your bikini, you might as well pack clothes to go with it! A cropped t-shirt is the perfect top to go with your swimsuits!

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4) High Wasted Shorts, And Laced Back Tops

Chances are that wherever your spring break destination is, it’s hot AF. Therefore, it’s important to pack clothes that go with that. A cute laced back top and high wasted shorts will keep you cool, while still looking super cute!

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5) A Simple Top And Denim Skirt

Remember, when packing for vacations like this the chances of getting your clothes ruined or stained is almost 100 percent. Make sure to pack simple clothes that you can mix and match so that when an outfit goes down, you have options.

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6) Dressy Shorts And A Ruffled Top

For the nights that you dress up and decide to go to a nice bar or dinner, give some cute shorts and a ruffled top a shot. This is one of the best cute spring break outfits and works great for a fancier occasion!

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7) Off The Shoulder Tops

Off the shoulder tops really come in handy as they’re a sure way of looking super cute, without having to dress up a lot at all! Pack a bunch of these as they’re going to come in handy!

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8) Rompers

Rompers are super cute, and are really easy to style! One pieces make for trendy outfits that are so simple, you just slide it on! Wear this during the day or night, it will look good for both!

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9) Always Pack Black

You’ll definitely be making an appearance at one or one thousand clubs during your spring break trip. Therefore, you want to make sure you have some sexy clothes to wear! You can never go wrong with black, and that way you can mix and match your black on black options.

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10) One Word, Overalls

Don’t be a hater, overalls are extremely cute and easy to style. You can wear these over a bathing suit, or just a regular t-shirt! Pair them with some sneakers or sandals and you have yourself a day time look!

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11) One Piece Bathing Suits

One piece bathing suits are amazing because they can be worn with your shorts as just plain tops, or you can wear them as bathing suits and go swimming! This is a definite must since you will be having spontaneous nights swimming in pools and oceans!

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12) Jeans

It’s important to pack some pants just in case you get chilly during the night. Although the coldest it will probably get to is 60 degrees, you’d be surprised by how quickly your body adjusts!

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13) A Light Weight Shirt

Cute spring break outfits like this light weight beachy shirt are perfect to wear during your days spent in the sun! Such an easy clothing item to slide on and off, and goes great with a bathing suit!

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14) A Cute Bikini

You’re definitely going to want to lay out on the beach during your vacation, so it’s worth it to invest in a cute bikini! You could go really simple and get a black one, or you can go all out and get something fancy! The decisions completely up to you.

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15) A Sun Hat

Spring break is all about spending time in the sun, therefore a sunhat is going to come in handy. Trust me you don’t want to get a sunburn, it can ruin your whole vacation!

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16) A Party Dress

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll be going out a lot, so you’ll want some dresses to go out in. Make sure to grab yourself a fun few dresses that speak to you as these make such cute spring break outfits to wear!

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What did you think of these cute spring break outfits? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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