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27 Cute Small Tattoos That Are Barely Noticeable

Cute small tattoos are a symbol of something meaningful. A lot of people have small tattoos, and I have even heard people say that tattoos are addicting. I know the commitment of having a lifelong mark on your body seems harsh, but with these ideas in mind, you may think differently. Here are 27 cute small tattoos that are barely noticeable!

1. Peace Sign

If there is anything I would want to be tattooed on my body, it would be a peace sign. The classic, peaceful vibe speaks for itself when noticed. I would personally put this tattoo on my wrist, or on my back. 

2. Cherry

There is something so early 2000’s about a cherry tattoo, but I love it. The trick to getting a small tattoo is to think of something small, like a cherry. The perfect place to put this would be on your hip, for a sexy and subtle 90’s vibe.

3. Heart

If something is meaningful to you, I would strongly suggest getting a tattoo of it. A heart is something simple but also with obvious meaning, and it won’t take up too much space. Consider getting this behind your ear, or on your ankle.

4. Loved One’s Initials

This tattoo idea is probably one of the most meaningful. I fully support people putting their children’s initials, partners, or even your own!

5. Semi-Colon

This tattoo may be a little bit sad, but it holds a lot of meaning, for those who are familiar with it. I personally would put this on the back of my neck, or on the inside of my wrist. Subtle, and amazing.

6. Flower

When we talk about cute small tattoos, I always think of things like a flower, butterfly, and so on. This little feminine stamp will surely sneak right under your sleeve.

7. Anklet

An anklet tattoo is an ultimate statement, both trendy, classic, and boho vibe. Just think, half of the year you won’t even notice its there!

8. Sign Of Zodiac

So many tattoos have so many different meanings and expressions. One of my favorites is to put your sign of zodiac, somewhere like under your butt or under your breast.

9. The Moon

A moon tattoo is small and hardly noticeable. I think you could even do a sunshine symbol, anywhere on your body. This has such a classic modern and boho vibe, you won’t regret it!

10. Breathe

The breathe tattoo is nothing to overlook, it is elegant and beautiful all while staying humble. My friend actually has this, and it looks perfect with her layered bracelets.

11. Infinity

Tattoo options are endless. The infinity symbol is attractive and different, and it will surely be subtle if you place it on your wrist. I can’t help but think of the wrist as a perfect spot because of how common it is to get a tattoo there!

12. Star

My co-worker actually has stars tattooed on her forearm, and it looks awesome. Stars are meaningful to her and I love the idea!

13. Birds

The classic tattoo of birds flying away is so beautiful to me, and they are perfectly hidden on your ankle, or behind your ear.

14. Arrows

Arrows pointing away is a fairly modern trend, and I am all for it. There are so many people that want to get a tattoo but aren’t sure where to place it, or what to get. Consider this look!

15. Pineapple

Are we forgetting about how preppy a pineapple is for a statement? Place this on the back of your shoulder, and no one will even know its there. In a good way, of course.

16. Paw Print

This tattoo is super cute and classic. So many of us love and value our dogs, and why not get a paw print of your favorite little pal?

17. Wave

The ocean is so peaceful, relaxing, and has value to so many of us. The classic wave print is subtle and hardly noticeable! When it comes to cute, small tattoos, consider things that you love.

18. Zip Code

I have seen a five-digit code across people’s forearms, behind the ear, and so on. Our hometowns hold tremendous value to us, and I think that is why people choose to tattoo it.

19. Musical Note

Music is incredibly important to us, and I couldn’t imagine relaxing and enjoying a long drive without it. I think a small musical note makes for a perfect tattoo!

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20. Bumble Bee

Bzzz, have you heard? Bumblebees are super cute and a little sexy, if you place them on the right body part. Wink-wink.

21. Honey

Honey, it’s 2020, and anything goes. You have probably seen or heard of this trend in recent years, and in terms of where to place it on your body, honey, that’s on you…

22. Yin Yang

I don’t think you could ask for a better small tattoo. The yin yang is timeless, and a great first tattoo.

23. Personal Birth Flower

This was a little surprising to me too, but if you look on Pinterest, there are individual flowers for each month of birthdays. I was born in July, and my flower would be the water lily.

24. Lips

I didn’t mean to get 90’s on you, but the lip symbol is sexy, classic, and all-out Marilyn Monroe.

25. Palm Tree

I absolutely love palm trees. If I were to get a tattoo of a palm tree, it would be because I love the warm climate, and when my boyfriend and I went to Florida last year, we were beside one when he told me he loves me for the first time.

26. Ladybug

You can get a tattoo of anything you want. Anything. I think that this little critter is beautiful, and represents underlying beauty.

27. ThunderBolt

Super cute and small, this thunderbolt will fit just about anywhere and won’t disturb your vibe.

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, and if you aren’t sure which style to get, I hope this article helped give you some inspiration! Comment below which tattoo was your favorite! Thanks so much for reading!

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