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6 Cute Sleepwear Picks You’ll Want To Wear All Day And Night

6 Cute Sleepwear Picks You’ll Want To Wear All Day And Night

There is nothing better than putting on cute sleepwear after a long day of school or work. Society19 has the most trendy styles gathered for you!

Now that summer has finally begun, college students can finally get some well-deserved rest and relaxation after holing up in the library for hours on end studying for exams or sweating through the heat trying to move out of dorms or apartments. You can sleep till noon and binge-watch the shows on Netflix you said you were going to start during the semester but then never did. If you’re anything like me, the idea of watching movies on the couch is synonymous with cute, comfy pajamas. Lounge wear and silk pajamas have now even become street wear, so this summer is the perfect time to revamp your PJ drawer from flannel puppy pajamas to something a little bit more stylish. Here are some of the cute sleepwear styles that are sure to keep you stylish and comfortable.

Get Some Stripes And Go Nautical

Whether you’ll actually be waking up in Palm Beach or Nantucket this summer or not, these striped pajamas will have you feeling beach-ready even if you’re just letting Netflix know that yes, you’re still watching episodes of “Riverdale”. The cotton material is lightweight enough for hot summer nights, so you won’t wake up sweating at 3 a.m. in the morning. The striped set is also versatile enough to wear out during the day. Pull on a white t-shirt with the striped pajama shorts and sneakers for a jaunt out to your local farmer’s market in the morning or pair the striped pajama top with white jeans and sandals. No one will guess you’re actually wearing pajamas.


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Sleep In Satin

The classic cute sleepwear sleepover outfit – satin pajamas are perfect for lounging in around your house with a cup of coffee in the morning or squishing on the couch with your girlfriends to watch “The Notebook” late at night. Pair the bottoms with a crop top and heels for an adorable evening look or slip on a pair of jeans and sneakers with the pajama top for the day.


Get This Look:


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Feel Sexy In A Slip

Models and celebrities everywhere brought back the trend of the slip dress for nights out on the town, but slips are still fun to wear for a night-in with your significant other too. If you haven’t already bought a slip dress to wear over a white t-shirt like Kendall Jenner, then I suggest purchasing a slip now to wear for your next sexy sleepover.


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Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 1.51.05 PM

Try this one from Victoria’s Secret

Find Yourself A Beautiful Robe

Not as practical for the daytime, but still totally gorgeous, a silk robe is a must-have for women who want to look and feel good while putting on their makeup or eating breakfast. Silk robes are perfect for wearing over lingerie or any cute sleepwear set to add a little glamour to your morning or nighttime routine.


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Try this one from Topshop

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Make A Statement In Your Sleepwear

If you’re someone who sleeps in an over-sized t-shirt and underwear every night, upgrade that ratty old t-shirt to one that has a cute saying on the front. For all those night-owls out there, find a sleep shirt that expresses your love of caffeine or your dislike of mornings. Statement sleep shirts are also perfect for days where you roll out of bed, pull on some sweatpants and meet your friends for brunch.


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Try this one from Gap

Sleepwear Isn’t Complete Without Slippers

There’s nothing better than changing into your slippers after a long day of work or traveling in uncomfortable shoes. When your feet ache, the warmth and comfort of your slippers is the only solution. And if you pair your fuzzy slippers with boyfriend jeans and a cute top, you can totally wear your slippers out of the house.


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Which of these cute sleepwear trends are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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