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10 Cute Shirts You Can Make Yourself

DIY projects have been all the rage since quarantine happened, because honestly what else were we going to do besides make our own clothing? Well, we don’t need to stop now, making your own shirts can be a fun way to have a piece of clothing you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the price. Here are ten shirts you can make on your own that are super cute:

1. Show Me Your Titos

For most of the shirts I am going to show you, all you’ll need is transfer paper, an iron and some paper. You print out whatever design you want and use the transfer paper and iron to make you dream shirt, how amazing. This shirt is super cute for a day party that you just want to be comfy in, or just for your everyday use. Alcohol related shirts are so fun to wear everyday and are versatile enough where you can wear them out. If you want to make it extra, put it on a cropped tank top and then it’s more of a wearing out shirt.

2. Kendall Jenner “I Don’t Care”

Nothing says “I’m trendy and careless” like a shirt with Kendall Jenner on it. It’s one of those iconic shirts that you’ll get tons of compliments on and everyone will want to know where you got it. However, the trick is that you didn’t spend $30 on it from PacSun, you made it yourself. Everyone loves a good homemade piece and it’s an amazing conversation starter. Kendall Jenner is a pop culture queen as we are all aware, so making one of these shirts will not lead you the wrong way.

3. College

If you’ve seen Animal House, you know the sweatshirt John Belushi was wearing that just says “College” on the front. If you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve probably seen a poster in some frat boy’s room of this guy wearing a college sweatshirt and drinking a beer. So naturally, if you want to impress everyone in the room with your knowledge of a top tier college movie, making shirts like this one is the move. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for something cute to wear out that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

4. Honey

Sayings relating to honey and “uh huh honey” are very popular on shirts right now. You know what I’m going to say next, but why don’t you just make it yourself and save the money on drinks at the bar? This font is adorable and the honey pot instead of the “O” is extra unique. I love it on a cropped tank so you can take a cute insta in it and the yellow on white is just what you need.

5. Tom Brady Super Bowl Party Photo

This is one of those pictures that I am almost positive everyone in the world has seen. Barstool made shirts with just a simple picture of a very intoxicated Tom Brady after partying in Florida post Super Bowl win. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, reference the picture below and it will probably jog your memory. Being an Eagles fan myself, I have never liked TB12 but this pic is admittedly hilarious and a great idea for a shirt. So, make it yourself and gather some laughs and respect.

6. Dump Him

Channel your inner Britney Spears and make one of those shirts that she wore that says “DUMP HIM” in red lettering. It is the perfect shirt for your Hot Girl Summer because you are releasing your inner Britney and showing that you do not need a man. The shirt says it all and you won’t have to do any explaining for this one. So print out some letters and get ironing because we have a runway to walk.

7. I Can’t Talk Right Now

If you’re on TikTok (does anyone else call it the Tok or is it just me?), then you may have heard Ms. Megan Thee Stallion’s “I can’t talk right now, I’m doing hot girl sh**” line. Here I am, telling you that you, too, can make a shirt exactly identical to that sound. I really want to make shirts like these for me and my friends because we all need to channel this energy. Things are looking up in the world and you need shirts that say you are ready for anything. Including being a Hot Girl.

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8. Edgy Smiley Face

How could a smiley face possible be edgy, you may be wondering. Let me explain, it’s a smiley face, but at the end of the smile are little hands holding up middle fingers. It’s the perfect type of shirt for someone who wants to give off good vibes but also the vibe not to mess with you. Shirts like these are very in style right now, so you will not regret making one that is different but also still Hot Girl energy.

9. Neighbors Sorority Tee

If you’ve seen the movie Neighbors with Zac Efron and Dave Franco (hot), then you probably know the picture I am talking about. The one of them on the couch in front of a sorority house. The best part about making your own shirts is that you can put whatever Greek letters you want behind them so it can be completely customizable. Make these shirts for girls in your sorority or a girl you know in a sorority that you just want to get a gift for.

10. And We’re Spiraling

Why not end this shirt inspo article with a little Jersey Shore action? Snooki and Ronnie invented the Spiral Squad, a reference from when they would continuously drink copious amounts and do crazy things in the mean time. There’s a still photo from when they were in their confessional room saying “and we’re spiraling” and it’s actually so relatable for the college student. Shirts like these will get a laugh out of anyone who sees them and it’s an ode to one of the most absurd reality television shows to ever exist. It’s only right that we end with it.

All of these shirts are so cute and easy to make on your own. Let me know which shirt you would make or what you would put on yours in the comments below!


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