10 Cute Sandals You Need For Spring

Spring is right around the corner so it’s time to add some new kicks to your wardrobe so you can enter spring in style. Here are 10 cute sandals that you need for spring!

1. Adorable Furry Slides

These slides are more for around the house or going on errands than going to the pool, but they’re so cute that you definitely need them! They come in multiple colors so you can pick whichever color fits your style the best and they’re so reasonably priced that you have to buy them.

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2. Espadrille Sandals

These sandals touch on the sneaker trends of 2019 and are perfect for spring! They add a little height and are super comfy at the same time. The suede, woven and sporty combination is unique so you’ll feel super fashionable wearing these. They also come in multiple colors so you can pick which one matches your wardrobe the best!

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3. Metallic Sporty Sandals

These shoes are made for walking and you’ll look trendy AF walking around campus in these. The insoles are made out of leather so your feet will feel great while walking around in these cute sandals. The metallic goes with basically anything in your closet and will make you stand out for sure!

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4. Leopard Heel Sandals

Leopard print is super on trend right now so these sandals will make you look super stylish. You can wear these for a night out or on a date and you’ll be sure to look great. If you’re not into leopard print there are other colors available. This style of heeled sandal is perfect for spring so they’re a must add to your wardrobe!

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5. Classic Slingback Sandals

This is a classic style of cute sandals and they’re great for so many occasions. You could wear these to an interview or any other event where you need to dress nice. The thick heel ensures that you’ll be comfortable and the suede is so nice to the touch. If you get these sandals, you’ll be wearing them all the time!

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6. Patterned Flip Flops

Everyone needs a new pair of flip flops rights? With these you’ll shine at the pool in these cute sandals. Patterns are vibrant and on trend, so they’ll give the attitude that you’re here to have fun this spring. A new pair of flip flops are a must for every new spring season so go look for the pattern that’s your favorite!

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7. Woven Wedges

These sandals are so cute and casual that you’ll wear them everywhere. Nothing screams spring more than some woven wedges. The small platform gives you a bit of height without sacrificing comfortability and the back strap makes sure that your feet will stay in them too. Also, they’re a pair of shoes you need in your closet because they’ll go with any spring or summer outfit!

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8. Beige Sandals

Beige is the perfect complement to any spring outfit and it’s always great to have a pair of sandals that you can wear to class or even a night out. It’s worthing splurging for these, because you’ll be wearing them all the time! Also, beige is a classy color so you’ll still be looking chic even when you’re trying to be as comfortable as possible.

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9. Strappy Wedges

The combination of straps and a wedge is super unique and makes these sandals so cute. They’re perfect for any outfit, but will make you shine at a pool party or on your next night out. They come in dusty pink, which is a trendy color and very flattering too. They add a lot of height, but since they’re wedges, they’re so much more comfortable than normal heels.

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10. Sassy Pool Slides

These slides are hilarious and equally cute. If you want to show off your funny side on your next pool slides you need these sandals for sure! They’re super comfy but also make a statement. They come in a selection of colors to make your pool outfit pop even more.

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Which cute sandals are you going to buy for spring? Let us know in the comments below!
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