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10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

It sucks that everything is shut down. So, what better way than thinking of date night ideas while you’re quarantined at home? Nothing, the answer is nothing, which is why we’ve figured out the cutest date night ideas for you!

Board Games

Let’s start with the most obvious one that no one thinks of. When we think of board games, we usually think of it as a family thing or maybe a friend’s thing, but never a night of games when it comes to date night. However, board games like The Adventure Challenge is a great idea! When you take a look at it, it looks like nothing but a regular book, but it isn’t.

The Adventure Challenge is a guide for you and your significant other/date. The only thing is you don’t know what the challenge is until you scratch it off like a lottery ticket. Once you scratched it, do the challenge, take photos, and write a memento or two about what you two felt. However, choose any game you feel like doing!

In case this specific board game isn’t up, your ally. There are other board game ideas like Jenga, Backgammon, Scrabble, and so many more options!

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Candlelight Dinner

With quarantine happening, restaurant sit-ins are kind of a thing of the past. However, romantic dinners are still worth it and easy to accomplish.

Grab yourself table linens, a few cute candles, and possibly even flowers – there you go, you got yourself a romantic set up.

Dinner can go one of two ways. One, you can cook yourself or two, you can order dinner – Postmates can be your best friend. Whichever one you decide, we know it’ll be delicious, and super cute!

If you do decide to make dinner, some recommendations are seared pork chops with cherries and spinach, lasagna, rigatoni with chicken and broccoli Bolognese, and so many more options!

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas


We kind of have a thing for puzzles. They’re fun, easy (sometimes), and incredibly rewarding, which is why this would be the perfect date night idea! While this isn’t a new idea kind of date night, anyone who has been together for a few months or has been married for years will appreciate the activity – it’s fun, casual, and is comfortable.

So, grab some popcorn, your positive attitude, maybe a little bit of wine, and your date because it’s going to be a night of just straight fun!

Some puzzle ideas: The Great Painters Vincent Van Gogh is 1,000 pieces and has most of his famous paintings! So, the two of you can bring his paintings to a whole new light! Another idea is the Date Night Box (found on Amazon), it comes with two 150-piece puzzles! All you have to do is bring your subtle and cute competitive edge, mix the pieces, choose who is going to do which puzzle, and start! Loser cleans the dishes for a week.

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas


Okay, here’s the great thing about this date night idea – it’s versatile. You can choose how to orchestrate the picnic. Have a backyard? Perfect set it up outside! Don’t have a backyard or you live in an apartment? That’s okay because having a picnic doesn’t mean you only need to do it outdoors.

All you need to do is grab your favorite wine, order your favorite foods or make sandwiches – whatever floats your boat, and enjoy each other’s company. If you want to take it up a notch, grab a blanket, put some music on, allow the sun to set, or have the picnic as the sun is setting and there you go – it’s romantic. The great part about date night ideas like a picnic is the number of ways you can execute your plans. Go as cheap and straightforward as you’d like or as elaborate and expensive if you choose, the power is all in your hands.

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Outside Movie

This is probably a great and cheap-ish date. If you’re planning this in advance or already have the items, all you’ll need is a projector of some sort. In case you didn’t know, Amazon has great affordable projectors that can be connected to either your laptop or smartphone!

Once you have your projector and date in hand, all you have to do is find a wall that is easy to watch your movie on and go ahead and grab your blankets, pillows, movie snacks, and drinks. From there, the hardest part of this date is trying to figure out which movie the both of you would like to see together.

We recommend watching The Lovebirds on Netflix. It’s a chick flick, but a total tearjerker (in the I’m laughing so hard I can’t stop crying way). It’s kind of a win for the both of you!

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Video Game Night

Alright, we’ve seen the memes, the Tik Tok videos, and sometimes even the YouTube videos where one significant other enjoys playing their video games a lot more than “paying attention” to their partners. However, like they would watch a silly romantic movie with us, why not try something they enjoy?

There are plenty of multi-player games out there, or you can even have them teach you how to play their favorite games. Whatever which way in a direction you take this, your partner would be over the moon. So, grab some pizza, some snacks, some drinks, and the game you two chose and enjoy each other’s company.

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Fondue Night

This is the easiest, classiest, and incredibly romantic date night idea anyone can think of. There are so many recipes too! While there are three different kinds of fondue (cheese, oil, and chocolate), only two are well-liked: chocolate and cheese. You can’t go wrong with either one!

When it comes to the chocolate fondue, pair it up with strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, pretzels, angel food cake, and so many other options. As for cheese fondue (you can choose almost any cheese you like), you can pair it up with bread, tart apples, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes, and so many more options. You really can’t go wrong with fondue night as an option for date night!

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10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Bubble Bath For Two

A bubble bath is perfect if you have a bathtub that is big enough for two people. It’s romantic, it’s relaxing, and honestly, it’s kind of foolproof. Grab some bubblies for your bubbles, champagne flute, candles, some flowers, some music, and relax together!

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Living Room Camp Out

With quarantine, your adventurous little heart is ready to jump out in agony with the fact that you can’t go camping. Maybe you and your loved one love taking camping trips together to getaway? It’s okay because we got you a great alternative, which means you can still go camping.

Grab your camping outfits (we need this to be authentic as possible) and then pick the menu! What’s great about a living room camp out is that most living rooms have a fireplace! If you don’t, then get creative – candles are a great alternative. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and roasting marshmallows are great original camping menus, but if you want, don’t worry about being too authentic and grab yourselves some meat you’d enjoy and pop them in the oven. As for drinks, try instant hot cocoa or find your favorite alcoholic beverage – whatever you choose will be great.

Once you’ve got the menu, go ahead and grab your sheets to make your tent, your blow-up bed to sleep in, and a few blankets to make things cozy. There you go, a simple and romantic living room camp out for date night!

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Go Dancing

All right, so maybe you can’t go dancing right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dance. This is perfect for a date night inside. What’s great about this date night idea is that there are at least two options.

Did you always want to tango? How about learning to waltz? Whatever you wanted to learn, YouTube has! Grab your laptop and find a dance you want to learn. Warning: this will cause a lot of laughter and kisses.

The second option is just to slow dance. Just eat anything you want for dinner, and then put some music on and slow dance. It’s romantic, it allows you to be close, and it’s just…nice.

10 Cute Quarantine At Home Date Night Ideas

Remember, being quarantined is already stressful for everyone. Take the night, enjoy yourselves, and have fun! Do you have any date night ideas you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!