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Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

Looking for cute, protective hairstyles? You’re in luck. These hairstyles are for anyone who desires to grow their hair out. Not only are they great for keeping your hair in for a few days, but will also allow your hair to become healthier. Check these styles out and see if they are something you find cute and doable!

Braided Bun

Braided buns are the first option on this list of cute protective hairstyles. Braided buns are bomb protective styles for anyone. No matter how many braids you decide to incorporate into your braided bun, you will get a cute bohemian vibe with this style.


Braided buns are not for everyone simply because many are not a fan of the overall look of the style. However, I always suggest that everyone try something new and fresh. There are many perks to this style. The braided bun hairstyle will keep your hair protected from friction, keep your hair moisturized, and leaves you with a beautiful hairstyle to wear. It is a fashion statement and is a great overall protective style to consider.

Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out


Twists are a popular protective style to rock nowadays and even back in the day. Twists can either be done with extensions or natural hair. Twist can last for many weeks, and that is why people have treasured this protective hairstyle for a while. This hairstyle can cover and protect your hair while also giving you the option to wear your hair up, down, etc.

This protective twist style is an effortless look. There are many reasons why you should consider this hairstyle. And that is why it is on this list. Consider this protective twist style and see what you think about it. If the twist hairstyle is done correctly, then you will see your hair drastically grow using this style.

Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

High Bun

The next style on this list of cute protective hairstyles is the high bun. The top bun hairstyle is a standard style that is adored by many! This style is elegant and effortless in many ways. The high bun is a savior for a bad hair day, locks in moisture, and just looks so cute!

The high bun hairstyle is fit for anyone, no matter the age. You can also rock this style at any event or occasion. There’s a small chance that you will not come to love this hairstyle. You can wear your bun messy, sleek, braided, etc. That is another reason why this is a great protective style! The top bun is a style that many cannot get enough of, and it is easy to see why. Try the high bun on yourself and see what you think!

Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are a gorgeous hairstyle to consider, and most of us know why! When you are having a bad hair day, this is a go-to for a lot of people! Yet, many do not know that keeping your hair in this style for a few weeks will allow your hair to grow, as it will prevent less manipulation. Before you know it, your hair will bloom if you keep up the maintenance of your hair.

Another reason why this style is so great is that it is so simple to achieve! If you are not sure how to braid, you can ask someone to help you out with this style or find some tutorials that will walk you through it! Either route you take will give you a cute hairstyle to wear for sure!

Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

Box Braids

Box braids are another popular protective style, especially in the African American community. Here is why. The box braid hairstyle is very protective of the hair if appropriately achieved. There are many ways to accomplish this specific look. I just want to suggest that you be sure that the style is done correctly, and in a manner that is not harmful to your hair. We are looking to protect your hair, not harm it. Be sure not to get your braids done too tight. If this hairstyle is fashioned too tight, you will find some breakage.

The box braid hairstyle is commonly seen worn by many people. You can always look up different versions of this style when you are not quite sure how to get your own hair done.

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Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

Low Bun

Low buns are my favorite! This hairstyle is truly a fantastic protective style for all hair types. Low buns can also be worn at more elegant events or casual ones, which is why I personally really love this style. Low buns are perfect for any and every occasion. You can achieve this look in a side or middle part. It is all up to you. With this hairstyle, you will need some basic products such as a bush, comb, gel (smoothing cream), and a hair tie. If you use all of these products, you will be able to achieve this look for sure!

When you are looking to keep your hair tucked away, a low bun is a perfect option for you! The low bun will give your hair a break from heat and friction while keeping your hair protected.

Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

Space Buns

Space buns are a great and fun protective style to consider wearing. Space buns are simply two buns — one on each side of your head. Many people find this hairstyle to be childish. However, anyone (young or old) can pull off this look effortlessly! There are many ways to achieve the space bun look. You can add braids, twists, and even curls to this look! This hairstyle is truly versatile and can be done on any hair type!

The Space bun hairstyle may be for you or not. I wanted to include this hairstyle on this list to give you options for when you desire to grow your hair or just need a new, fun style to rock. Try out this style yourself and see if it would be something you would like to wear out!

Cute Protective Hairstyles That Will Grow Your Hair Out

I hope that this article gave you some cute protective hairstyles to try out! Comment below which style was your favorite!

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