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Cute Posters for Your College Room

Your room at school needs to be your sanctuary. This is your space to make your home for the next nine months and you want to be comfortable in it! One of the best ways to make your room feel like yours is to hang up posters. Here are some posters that will inspire your room decor!

1. Lucky You

So as I was researching room posters on Google, one of the first few images that popped up just absolutely caught my eye. This absolutely adorable poster is pink with a red design, which is a great contrast for those white walls in your room. It’s a queen of hearts card with LUCKY above and YOU below. I am so obsessed with this already I am about to purchase it myself. It’s great to pair with white furniture and other complementary colored posters around your wall. It’s also different from other posters I’ve seen when looking for dorm room decor, so it’s 100% a winner.

Buy it here:

2. Hangover Art Print

Look how adorable this poster is. Another pink shade for the theme I am accidentally throwing together for you, but a little bit of a lighter pink this time. At first glance, it looks like a stack of eyes with some pink lining throughout. However, if you look closely, it actually says “hangover” in the same pink as the background. It gives off a good art deco vibe but also is one of the best posters for your college room.

Buy it here:

3. Fashion Addict

This super cute poster is just a picture of a pill that says “fashion addict” between two teeth and red lips. Its white background makes the poster a statement piece with not a lot going on, but still super fashionable and trendy. There is a small print of the word “fashion addict” underneath the graphic as well so it looks like a real piece of art that would look great in between two more colorful posters to balance everything out.

Buy it here:

4. Playboy Trio

Everything Playboy is very in right now. It is taking on a new role as representing that old Hollywood, Gatsby vibe that everyone is fascinated by. Vintage Playboy cover posters that aren’t racy are a great way to decorate your room. There are tons of options to choose from, especially if you go on Etsy, where they have every type of poster imaginable from small businesses. This set of posters in particular are classy, but also absolutely amazing for your room. The burning match in between the lips, the butterfly, and the woman’s face all will look great scattered throughout your room or over your bed for an aesthetic.

Buy it here:

6. Commes de Garcons Play

If you know the Commes de Garcons signature heart design, you know how cute this heart design would look on posters. Well, I have found one that is of the CDG heart up close and personal with a cute little one peeking out in the corner. It says the word “play” in the corner of one of the hearts. These posters are very stylish and make for a good piece in any of your rooms in your house/apartment at school.

Buy it here:

7. Collage Wall

So these aren’t technically posters but I figure it’s close enough. You can do this a few ways: print out your own pictures from the internet or Pinterest, or buy a collage kit on Etsy and support a small business. If you don’t feel like printing out a bunch of 8×10 sized posters from your printer and don’t feel like finding an aesthetic on your own, then the Etsy collage can be a great tool for you. Basically, sellers make the collages for you and they fit whatever aesthetic you please. You can spice up the collages by adding your own printed photos that fit the aesthetic or throwing some fairy lights over them to accentuate the wall.

Buy it here:

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8. Never Stop Growing

If you like a more retro, psychedelic, Haight-Ashbury vibe, then you’re going to love this poster. Everyone wants to relive the days where people flocked to Cali in the summer and have one of those endless summers, right? Warm-colored mushrooms with a hippie font that says “never stop growing” is the perfect California dreaming aesthetic for you. The saying is really adorable and gives off a more relaxing vibe for a poster. Vintage-type posters are very in style right now, so this is a great option for your college room.

Buy it here:

9. Harry Styles 70’s Tour Poster

To fit the psychedelic, 70’s theme that I also have established so far, here is another perfect poster for you. If you’re a fan of Harry, or even if you’re not, this is such a sick poster to have in your room. It’s reminiscent of a concert in the ’70s that you wish you went to and has a pink background to go with it. This show from Fillmore East in New York in 1972 obviously never happened since Harry is only 27 performing at MSG and such, but you would never know from the look of this poster. It has an outline of Harry from a photoshoot he did recently, and really it’s perfect.

Buy it here:

10. A$AP Rocky Dior

Designer posters are always great for your room. You can have creative freedom with these prints, whether it be just having the brand logo or a print from a shoot they did with your favorite celebrity. This A$AP Rocky shoot is a great poster to match anything in your room while still fitting any vibe you want. You can also get sets of designer-inspired posters for a classy, grown-up look that you want to achieve when you’re in college. It’s one of the most popular poster trends that always fits the mood you’re looking for and lets people know you like the finer things in life, like A$AP Rocky.

Buy it here:

All of these posters will look amazing in your college room. Let me know which you would pick for yours in the comments below!

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Jai Phillips

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