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10 Cute Plants You Can Actually Keep Alive

10 Cute Plants You Can Actually Keep Alive

10 Cute Plants You Can Actually Keep Alive

Nothing is more discouraging than getting a cute new plant for your apartment and killing it within a week. Unfortunately that is something that too many of us are far too familiar with. 

Here’s a list of ten cute plants that you can actually keep alive without having to make too much of a commitment in caring for.

1. Spider Plants

Spider Plants are considered one of the all-time easiest houseplants to maintain. So, if you are particularly challenged in the plant management department, then these are the perfect choice for you. Luckily they are far from lacking in appearance, with lengthy green stems and lovely buds on the ends. Often being called the “wild child” of the houseplant world, they are a joy to watch transform, taking only a small amount of water and pot of soil.


2. Pothos

Luckily, Pothos plants thrive in a wide range of different environments, making them an easy to grow houseplant. Without being too fussy when it comes to soil, and growing well without needing to be in direct sunlight, they are the perfect plant to add a little bit of green to your office, bedroom, or bathroom. 

3. Ficus Silk Tree

Ficus silk tree plants are a popular pick for apartments or offices due to their fun treelike appearance. Something about the look of a mini tree brightens the mood of different spaces and fortunately, they are not too tricky to maintain. They thrive in bright indirect light and warm temperatures, so as long as you keep these away from cold drafty windows and out of direct harsh sunlight, you should be good to go in keeping this lovely plant alive and thriving.

4. Snake Plant

Snake plants are on the rise in popularity, due to their fun and tropical appearance. They are often regarded as being one of the most tolerant plants of all time, so if you find yourself being a bit of a neglectful plant mom, this might be the perfect choice for you. Requiring low light levels and small amounts of water, they are truly one of the easiest to manage houseplants. One major plus is that they also help clean toxins in your home, making them even more of the perfect choice when shopping for a fun new plant to liven up your living space.


5. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palms are the perfect addition to a home or space with a beachy vibe, due to their palm tree-like appearance. With the ability to grow up to six feet tall, they are the perfect addition to any sad little corner of your apartment or office that needs a little bit of life (quite literally). Although they may be a little bit more temperamental in terms of caring for than some of the other plants on this list, they are worth the love and attention. One quick tip is just to make sure not to get carried away with overwatering or placing them in the harsh direct sunlight.

6. Aloe Plant

Aloe is something that not everyone realizes could be grown right in their apartment. Aloe plants are a great houseplant with a chic, modern appearance. With thick leaves and a nice light green color, aloe plants are a great addition to any living space. All they require is a little bit of watering, fresh soil, and bright indirect sunlight to absolutely thrive. Plus, you’ll have your own aloe just in case there happens to be a sunburn in your future!

7. Philodendron

Philodendron plants are unique in the sense that they enjoy a shaded space. This makes them incredibly simple to manage, and less of a hassle when determining where to place them in your home. In terms of appearance, they are a large leafy plant that will grow big and tall without causing you any anxiety. If you’re looking for a large plant for your home and don’t have a surplus of natural light, this might be the perfect choice for you.

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8. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are so easy to manage that you’ll almost believe it’s a fake plant. They have stiff dark green stems and leaves with a shiny exterior, adding a bit of sophistication to your living space or office. They are currently growing in popularity due to their modern appearance and ease of maintaining, so jump on the trend as soon as you can!

9. Dumb Canes

Dumb Canes, otherwise known as Dieffenbachia plants, are the poster child  of “houseplants for dummies.” They gave a fun tropical appearance, making them appear to be much more complex and tricky to maintain than they actually are. Requiring average temperatures and a good amount of bright light, they can easily be cared for. With fun speckled leaves and strong stems, they are the perfect addition of color and life to your home.


10. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Figs are certainly growing to be one of the “hottest” new houseplants. It’s time that you start growing one of your own! They require bright consistent light, making them the perfect plant for the corner by a window. They grow tall rather than wide, so they are a lovely age plant that won’t take up too much space in an office or cramped apartment.

If you consider yourself lacking in the gardening department but want to bring life into your living space, these ten houseplants are the perfect options for you! Comment down below what you think of these cute plants!

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