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10 Cute Plants To Decorate Your Dorm Room With When You Go Back To School

10 Cute Plants To Decorate Your Dorm Room With When You Go Back To School

10 Cute Plants To Decorate Your Dorm Room With When You Go Back To School

If you’re looking for cute and unique ways to personalize and decorate your dorm room when you get back to school, then you’ve come to the right place! Any of the plants on this list are sure to brighten up your space, provide you with something beautiful to look at, and even challenge you with the task of caring and maintaining for something! Check it out!  

1. Indulge In A Variety Of Succulents

Succulents are some of the trendiest and cutest plants out there. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Find some decorative pots to plant them in, and then scatter them all around your room! Succulents are great beginner plants, as they don’t require a lot of constant watering. My succulent remained healthy and growing even after I left it unattended throughout a holiday break. Just make sure they’re getting enough sunlight and a whole lotta love. 


2. Dare To Get A Cactus (Or Cacti, But Handle With Care!)

Though it may seem scary to have something sharp and prickly hanging around your room, adding a cactus to your dorm space can bring a needed pop of color and is a unique piece of decor. A cactus is an extremely low maintenance plant so this is perfect for someone who does not have the greenest touch. They also come in a variety of sizes depending on how daring you’re feeling. Have fun with the way you display them, or even give your new plant friend a proper name. Just be wary of getting too close! 

3. Surround Yourself With Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are one of my favorite plant trends that have come about. I long for the day I can finally get myself and my room organized enough to put some up. If putting up some hanging plants seems accessible enough for you, go for it as soon as possible! This is the coolest way of really making use of all the space that’s available to you. Additionally, think creatively about how you want to arrange them! Hang them at alternating levels or with some funky looking rope, the possibilities are endless.


4. Buy The Plastic Version Of Your Favorite Flower 

If you’re the kind of person that always attempts to purchase cute plants only to watch them start to wither and die almost immediately, then this might be the solution for you. One of the most difficult forms of plants to care for, especially in smaller and more unpredictable spaces like dorm rooms, has to be flowers. They tend to need more sunlight, or larger areas such as gardens. If you still want to show off some roses, sunflowers, or daisies but fear they won’t survive, consider investing in some fake ones! Despite the fact that they aren’t the ‘real deal,’ these plastic beauties are a sure way to brighten up your room. 

5. Decorate Your Space With Some Faux Hanging Vines

Similar to the fake flowers, having some faux hanging vines can also fulfill the need for plants and greenery in your room while not committing to the constant tending necessary for live plants. Additionally, faux hanging vines are extremely trendy and versatile. You can hang them up on your headboard, line them up on a wall, or even around your showerhead. 


6. Make Or Invest In Your Own Personalized Terrarium 

Terrariums are another extremely versatile option perfect for any dorm space. Whether they are real or plastic, there are many different variations of the terrarium. Search around for the one that suits your own personal aesthetic and complements your room in the best way possible. If you want to take it a step further, you can even purchase a build-your-own terrarium kit! Who doesn’t love a plant that’s also an activity? Take some time to arrange all the pieces yourself, proudly put it up on display, then show it off to all of your guests that come to visit. 

7. Go Bold With A Spider Plant

Spider plants are not only super cute, but they’re also relatively low maintenance. They often tend to come on the larger side, but do not let this scare you! As long as you give them enough sunlight, and keep their soil moist, they’ll grow beautifully- both outdoors, and of course, inside your dorm room! Pick out a cute pot to settle your spider plant into, or consider making it a hanging plant. You can’t really go wrong as they look good anywhere! 

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8. Challenge Yourself Into Pressing Flowers

For another DIY plant decor adventure, you might want to challenge yourself and attempt the art of pressing flowers! Go out with your friends on a sunny day and collect a bunch of favorite ones. You’ll find that the process is actually quite simple, and can reap some beautiful results. As long as you’ve got parchment paper, a heavy book, and some patience while they press properly, you’ll be sure to succeed. After they’re pressed simply place them in a picture frame.  Now you have both a piece of art and an element of nature in your room decor.



9. Decorate The Space With Some Bamboo

The simplicity of bamboo can actually really help tie together a room. Typically, bamboo is used for decor in larger rooms, or in backyard gardens. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! You can easily add some bamboo elements to your dorm room just ensure that they are on the smaller side. This can mean using faux or real bamboo either in a vase, planter, or any other creative setup. This addition is sure to add a cute but classy element to your dorm room decor.

 10. Care For Some Beautiful Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, which falls under the succulent family, is another type of plant you can include in your dorm room. These plants are typically found in smaller sizes and require only a little watering. Paired along with some cacti or other forms of succulents, they can help create a small garden center in your room. Place them along your windowsill or at the top of your desk and let your tiny garden be the center of attraction. Additionally, if you really love and care for them, they’ll return the favor, with aloe vera that’s safe to use straight from the plant for all your medicinal needs! 


Plants are the ultimate mood improvers so you can never have too many. As long as you’ve got the willpower, you’ll soon find yourself with a green thumb and a beautifully decorated living space. Let us know which plants you will be adding to your room in the comments below!

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