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15 Cute Passport Holders From Amazon And Etsy

15 Cute Passport Holders From Amazon And Etsy

Wherever you're traveling to, it's always a good a idea to bring your passport. Why not keep it in one of these trendy passport holders?

A true jet-setter has a full set of matching luggage, an adorable carry on bag, and a cute passport holder. As airport rules and regulations change, carrying your passport for domestic flights might become necessary as a form of identification. No one wants to carry around their plain passport; a stylish passport cover in hand is much cooler. Impress the TSA officers at security with your trendy new passport holder. For any travels, domestic or international, be sure to check out these 15 passport holders.

These passport holders are great for traveling!

1. Floral Corgi Print

Might I suggest you take this passport holder to London? After all, corgis are the Queen’s pet of choice.



2. Pink Traditional 

This passport holder is classic yet so adorable. Perfect if you’re looking to dress up your passport a bit, but not with anything too crazy.


3. Stamped Leather With Polka Dots

This stamped leather passport holder is not only cute, but it will prove to be extremely durable.

4. Classic Lilly Pulitzer

This is the preppiest passport holder you will ever find, and it is so bright you will definitely have a hard time losing it in your bag.



5. Mr. And Mrs. Matching Set

Traveling with your new hubby? Start your honeymoon off right with this matching passport holder set.

6. Gold Shimmer

Why not making your airport experience a little more glamorous? Go for the gold with this passport holder.

7. Monogrammed Marble 

Make it personal with this chic monogrammed marble passport holder.

8. Glittery Rose Gold 

This rose gold passport holder will add the perfect touch of glitter to your life.

9. Colorful Cork

If you are looking for a more unique passport holder, try out this colorful cork one!


10. ‘I’m Outta Here’

If sayings are more your deal, try this adorable pink passport holder. Perfect for when you’re studying abroad for the semester!

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11. Ticket For Adventure

This quirky little holder is bright enough that you will always be able to find it. Plus, you can personalize it, which is so fun!

12. Bold Red Glitter

Want to have a passport holder no one else will have? Dare to go where no traveler has gone before and try this bold red glitter holder.

13. Kate Spade Polka Dots

This Kate Spade passport holder is so chic. You will feel like the ultimate jet-setter.

14. White Leather

If you’re more likely to go with no color at all, this white leather passport holder is a great choice.

15. Bright Neon Yellow

What better color to get your passport holder in? You will never ever leave this one behind!

These are 15 trendy passport holders for your next vacay! Which one do you want? Let me know in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

These cute passport holders from amazon and etsy are to die for!
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