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10 Cute One-Piece Bathing Suits For Spring Break

It’s not uncommon for our pre-Spring Break vacation to consist of numerous hot yoga classes, green smoothies, and extreme measures to make sure we look just right in our bathing suits on the beach. Luckily, one-piece bathing suits are making a come back, and high light all of a women’s curves in all the right places! You don’t need to obsess over the gym or scale, when you can rock a one-piece and still look absolutely amazing on the beach, in the sun, rocking those different angles for Instagram pics! One-piece bathing suits can be sweet, sexy, versatile, and overall comfortable! Rock your confidence by allowing the suit to hug you in all the right places. Here are 10 cute one-piece bathing suits for spring break.

Aerie Super Scoop One-Piece

Aerie, a brand which promotes self-love and unedited, untouched campaign photographs, took the world by storm in 2017 when they showcased models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic diversities. The brand is everything women should stand for; as are their one-piece bathing suits! This amazing olive super scoop will compliment any skin, especially on the beach when the sun bronzes the skin.

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Aerie Cut Out One-Piece

Aerie does it again, with their inclusive swim wear line. This cut out one-piece bathing suit features fabric cut outs above each hip, which allows the shape to a create a naturally slimmer waistline. The center piece of fabric also aids in helping create a longer looking torso. Highlighting the curves on your body will leave you feeling confident and sexy!

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Neat As a Pinstripe Halter One-Piece

If you still want to a rock a bit more skin, this pinstripe halter one-piece bathing suit is the perfect one for you. A halter top allows maximum support for any on-beach activities, and the cut out high-torso allows for a bit less coverage than a traditional one-piece bathing suit would offer. The adorable pinstripes are a classic look that look great on any skin tone!

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Heart Falbala One-Piece

A gorgeous wine color will look amazing on bronzed skin after a fun day out on the beach. A ruffle halter one-piece bathing suit will compliment smaller chested women, while still making them feel beautiful! The criss-cross in the back is also a playful, adorable addition.

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Time For You Dropped Shoulder One-Piece

An off-the-shoulder one-piece bathing suit is adorably sexy, and shows the right amount of skin. The black and white duel colors of this piece are stunning and classic, and will compliment just about anyone’s skin tone! The small center cut out leaves room for a bit of fun and sexiness.

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Back-Laced One-Piece

One-piece bathing suits that feature adorable backs with simplistic front designs are a must! This back-laced one-piece bathing suit is a gorgeous yellow, which is perfect for Spring Break and the beach. The simple front allows the back to shine, just like your skin will shine in the sun with this amazing suit.

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Aerie High Neck One-Piece

A high neck is super cute, especially on one-piece bathing suits. Any sized chest would fit comfortably into a high-neck one-piece, and stay supported all day long whether you’re playing beach volleyball or splashing in the waves. A gorgeous teal green would look amazing on your Insta feed when you upload pic after pic from Spring Break!

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Reversible Knot-Front One-Piece

Talk about super cute and super functional! A reversible one-piece bathing suit gives you the most bang for your buck. You basically get two different bathing suits for the price of one! A fun color like neon green and a light baby blue are funky and cool, and the knot-front is an adorable feature that replicates the back. The perfect fun-in-the-sun suit for Spring Break.

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Studded High leg One-Piece

A high leg one-piece bathing suit will surely show off your toned, bronzed legs with still providing maximum coverage. The studded stars added a fun pop, perfectly for Spring Break, while the color white looks absolutely amazing on every skin tone. This fun suit is just the right style and color to have a blast on the beach!

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Pineapple Printed One-Piece

Printed images or sayings are highly popular on one-piece bathing suits. What better way to celebrate the tropical beaches you’re enjoying on Spring Break than with this pineapple printed one-piece? The vibrant colors stand out against the black base, and the plunging back of the one-piece is fun and playful!

Don’t be afraid to show off your curves this Spring Break with an adorably sun one-piece bathing suit! Experiment with colors and styles to find what looks and feels best for your beach bod.
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Vanessa Passo

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