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8 Cute Non-Traditional Date Ideas

Dating is fun, but can be hard to impress someone you really like, or get out of that boring dinner and movie date rut. That’s why created the top 8 Cute Non-Traditional Date Ideas.  

1. Say Nothing

This is one of our very non-traditional date ideas. Instead of going out and thinking of something super fun to do, do nothing. Get your head phones out, get a glass of wine and set a time limit where you two just sit and do your own thing. This date idea helps a lot if you are two busy students.

2. Pub Trivia

Get your competitive side out and about. Go to a local pub on a trivia night. Either go on different teams and winner buys the next round. 

If you aren’t a super competitive couple, this might be fun to go on the same team. Then you can show off to everyone else on how well you both work together. 

3.Backyard Movie Night

Backyard movie nights aren’t the most creative date ideas, but they can be elevated depending on what you do. Grab Christmas lights, tons of bedding, either a projector or laptop and take the time needed setting everything up. This is a great idea if you want to surprise your SO with an intimate date idea. 

If you can’t go outside because it is cold, try a living room movie night. You can still make it with a tent and everything and just be together. 

4. Make Pottery

Not just cute on the movie Ghost, making pottery together is so fun and sensual. You can do this at a house, go to a studio, or go to a class. Anyway you do it, the important part is doing it with someone you love. (awww mushy)

This is also along the same line of wine and painting. So really just look at an art night and you won’t be disappointed.

5.Comedy Show

The best way to get out of a rut is laughing. It will lighten a mood if you and your SO need some much needed calm. Yet it gets you out where it feels like you are actually doing something together. There are so many free or inexpensive options.

If a comedy show isn’t you two’s idea of fun, try an open mic night. You get double points if one of you performs in front of the crowd. 

6.Visit Animal Shelter

Puppies, kitties, animals! If you love taking care of animals or need your puppy fix then this one of the best date ideas. You get to give love to some animals that need it very much all while having a cute non-traditional date idea.

See Also

Now if you are going to try and take them all home this might not be a good idea. Or maybe the best idea ever?

7.Recreate your First Date

If you like reminiscing about your relationship then this is a cute idea. You get to have those butterflies without all the awkward get to know you conversations. This is a perfect idea for an anniversary or special moment when you both want to connect. 

8. Bookstore

This idea is my favorite idea. Grab your book loving SO and go read books together. It might be corny to look into each others eyes and read poetry to each other. Yet if you’re in love who cares if things are corny. 

No matter what you do with your partner just remember that it’s about who you are with and not what you do. So take some risks and see what works for you guys.

Did this 8 Cute Non-Traditional Date Ideas list inspire you? Let us know what date ideas you’ve tried.

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Destiny Rhyne

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