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Cute Memorial Day Hairstyles To Look Your Best In

Cute Memorial Day Hairstyles To Look Your Best In

Memorial Day is at the very end of May this year, which means it falls just after grades are due and graduation ensues for all those kids who finally made it to the end of the line. There’s a feeling of freedom that comes with Memorial Day, it’s the beginning of summertime, and it’s a three-day weekend perfect for gathering with friends and family and kicking off the most exciting season of the year. Whether you’re using the extra day off to see family, have a picnic or barbeque, or take a day trip, it’s important to look your absolute best! Here are a few hairstyles that are sure to have you catching everyone’s eye!

1. Basic Beach Waves

Almost every girl I know has perfected her own version of beautiful beachy waves. Some accomplish this by braiding their hair before bed the night before, others use a texturizing cream on their own natural waves to give more definition, and most take some type of styling iron to their locks. For this look, it can be easily achieved with what is known as a wave wand. Rather than painstakingly doing a bunch of small, inch or two sections of hair, holding it to the burning hot barrel, trying desperately to get the curl perfect without burning off your fingerprints, you can use a wave wand.

Wave wands are almost like three curling irons in one piece. Meant to give hair the ultimate gentle waves, the wave wand has three oversized barrels that you simply need to slip your hair into. From there, allow them to sit for a few seconds (be careful not to go too long!) and voila! Perfectly beachy, boho, mermaid waves! If the tool sits on your hair too long, however, you get more of a jagged crimp look, so beware if that is not what you are looking for! Between a wave wand, a texturizing (preferably sea salt!) spray, and some setting spray, you’ll be rocking one of the cutest Memorial Day hairstyles!


2. Top Knot with Bandana or Headband

This one is for those of you who might not like to spend a whole day in front of the mirror perfecting your look. Instead, simply take your hair, roll it up into a bun or top knot, and slip a bandana on to add a cute little bit of character to your style. While this is a simpler look, there are easy ways to add a bit of texture or excitement to the style, if you’re trying to avoid wearing one of those “basic b*tch” Memorial Day hairstyles.

Add a small braid to the side of your bun and keep it attached with small rubber bands or hairpins, to give your hair an obvious pick-me-up. Or, braid all of the hair and roll that into a bun. Or do a super high ballerina top knot and add a hairband that matches your outfit of the day. Or you could put all but a few strands of hair up and leave the wispy leftovers to give yourself that perfectly messy look. There are endless ways to make the most of a simple bun or top knot, so definitely try one out this Memorial Day!


3. Half Up Half Down

Sometimes when I’m having a bad hair day, I like to take the top half of my hair and either put it in a small bun, braid it, or pony it. If you find yourself struggling to achieve the other looks on this list, try out this one! It’s the perfect solution for those days when you can’t decide which way your hair looks better (or worse!). You can leave your hair au natural, or you can curl or straighten it to spice up the look!

Simply part your hair in half (or a little more, or a little less, it’s entirely up to you!) horizontally, and either brush it smooth so you can pony it, bundle it up into a bun, or braid it. From there, it’s your choice whether or not you want stragglers to frame your face, or you want a very sleek, simple, and controlled look. Either way, it makes for a perfect Memorial Day hairstyle!


4. Braids

Braids have been a tried and true classic for literal centuries, and they show no signs of slowing down. You can do a simple single braid, and weave in a nice ribbon or silk to make it your own. Or, you can do double braids and keep the hair off your neck during those extra warm Memorial Day activities. You could braid a few small accessory-like braids throughout your hair and leave the rest natural. There are almost no limitations on how to style your hair with braids, and because of that reason, it makes the list.

Memorial Day hairstyles are best chosen by your planned activities for the holiday. If you have every intention of hitting the beach or the pool, a French braid might be best to keep your hair under control. If you’re having a bonfire and know there’s going to be a chill in the air, perhaps do a loose and slightly messy braid, to keep consistent with the atmosphere. Whatever your plans are, braids should be a part of them!


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5. Classic Pony

Similar to braids, girls have been tying their hair back in ponytails for generations. Ponytails pull the hair away from your face while still allowing the remainder of your hair to flow freely from the elastic. This is a perfect way to keep the hair out of your way while eating, swimming, and even talking to family and friends. No matter your Memorial Day plans, a ponytail can be a great option!


Give yourself a sleek and sexy look by slicking back all flyaways with a simple hair balm or paste. Add a bit of excitement and bounce with a few tight curls. Make yourself look fabulous by gently straightening your hair first, and then sweeping it back into your elastic. Pro tip: to avoid headaches and hair-tearing, try a band like Teleties, which looks and feels a bit like an old phone wire. This design helps to trap hair inside the grooves, without the harmful pulling and squeezing that occurs with common hair bands and elastics. 

6. Short & Sweet

This final option is more of a haircut than it is a hairstyle, but nonetheless, Memorial Day is the perfect time of year to finally chop off your long locks! Sick of constantly moving your hair out of your face and out of your way? Anyone who’s had really long hair knows how refreshing it can be to cut it all off, so why not give it a try this summer? 


Short hair means less hair to style, and therefore means less time styling. Once your hair is sheared, simply straighten what’s left or slightly curl what’s left to give yourself a simple yet refreshing and impressive look for the holiday weekend. This is one of the boldest Memorial Day hairstyles, but a really awesome way to welcome the summer months!

Which one of these Memorial Day hairstyles are you planning to try out this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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