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20 Cute Masks To Wear Everywhere

20 Cute Masks To Wear Everywhere

Not all heroes wear capes, but all heroes do wear masks. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe while doing your duty to your community, and doing it in style!

1. TenTree

For every purchase you make, TenTree plants ten trees. Give yourself the gift of virus-free air and give the earth the gift of CO2-free air at the same time with these super cute masks from TenTree!


2. Symbology

Symbology is committed to the environment as much as your safety, which is why they’ve been making masks out of their scrap cloth. These masks incredibly cute, with trendy patterns everyone will love. Symbology is committed to fair trade, eliminating poverty by employing and empowering women artisans in developing countries, paying them a liveable wage and keeping traditional artisan crafts alive.

3. Gracemade

Just like every girl needs a little black dress, in 2020, everyone needs a little black face mask. For every mask purchased, Gracemade will donate another to an essential service industry worker or healthcare professional. Gracemade is a faith-based, Black-owned brand committed to ethical, sustainable fashion. In addition to donating masks, Gracemade donates a portion of proceeds from all purchases to Life Impact International, an organization which rescues children from slavery.


4. Society 6

Support independent artists and COVID relief at the same time with one a uniquely designed mask from Society 6. With over a thousand different masks designed by independent artists, these masks are literally art you can wear on your face. A portion of all mask proceeds will go to support World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 relief.


5. Embroidered Masks by Folk Project

These adorable masks are one-of-a-kind, hand-embroidered by artist and Folk Project founder Merijam Roelofs. You can pre-order a mask through FolkProject, and for every mask purchased, another will be donated to a Native community in need in the US or to migrant shelters. If you just can’t wait, these masks are also being sold through Orenda Tribe, where 100% of the proceeds will go toward providing critical aid to communities in the Navajo Nation.

6. Nude Masks

Sometimes you don’t want to wear something fancy or eye-catching. If you want a simple, discreet mask that matches the rest of your face, stitchaddiction’s collection of nude masks is currently one of the bestselling items on Etsy. These comfortable, affordable masks are available in pearl, tan, light brown, brown, dark brown, and black, and 100% of proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter through vetted organizations working for racial justice.


7. PuraVida/Vera Bradley

We all remember the huge Vera Bradley trend from the early 2010s, and while we no longer see paisley tote bags as often as we used to, there’s no denying their prints are still super cute. Vera Bradley has teamed up with popular bracelet brand PuraVida to create some fun, affordable floral masks with a beachy vibe. 5% of the proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization providing protective gear and medical supplies to the healthcare heroes on the front lines of the COVID crisis.


8. KamCanSew Masks For Charity

This handmade, triple-layer cotton masks by Etsy artisan KamCanSew are positively adorable. Made of upcycled materials, these masks come in all sorts of colors and patterns, from polka dots to tiny mushrooms! These masks all do have one important thing in common: 50% of the proceeds from every purchase will be donated to One Ummah Charity’s Yemen Emergency Fund, to help combat the hunger and poverty threatening the lives of 22.2 million people in Yemen.

9. Plaid FACEMASK (3-Pack)

Plaid is super in this season, and not just for Catholic school girls. If you want your mask to match your pants or blazer, Los Angeles Apparel has got you covered with their 3-packs of cotton masks. In addition to plaid, Los Angeles Apparel also offers sparkly masks, cat print masks, camo-print masks, and masks in over a dozen color combinations. All FACEMASK purchases help fund Los Angeles Apparel’s mission to provide free face masks to essential service workers.


10. JUST US Mask

If you want a mask with a positive message and a positive impact, you’re going to love this mask from Homeboy Industries, an organization which provides employment, community support, and healing for former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women in the LA area. Your purchase helps provide jobs to get these brave men and women back on their feet, and all proceeds go toward supporting Homebody Industries’ programs.


11. Batik Mask

These hand-dyed batik masks from FlaxOfLife are one of Etsy’s hottest products at the moment. It’s no mystery why: with gorgeous, hand-dyed cotton on one side, soft flannel on the other, and a filter pocket in the middle, these masks will keep you looking and breathing fresh all season long.

12. Ankara Mask

Etsy artisan Shopkyrsplace’s bestselling Ankara masks are bright, bold, and beautiful! These masks are available in two different shapes and a variety of African-inspired prints, all equipped with a filter pocket to keep you as safe as you are stunning.


13. BLM Mask

Sometimes you don’t want to wear a mask that’s attention-grabbing and bold. This simple, minimalist mask from Our Goods is perfect if you’re looking to support Black lives both with your purchases and by wearing a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of this mask will go to benefit a rotating selection of charities that support different groups within Black communities. With sizes from XS-XL, this mask is also a great choice for people who find that one-size-fits-all masks don’t actually fit all.


14. Hamiwari Sequined Mask

There are also times when you do want to be flashy! Glam up for your next religious service, grocery store run, or socially-distant outdoor kickback with this dazzling lightweight mask with a filter insert pocket from Shukuru Couture.

15. Denim Mask

If you find that your mask is constantly slipping over your nose and you’re tired of having to pull it back up over and over again, you need to check out this bestselling denim mask by muddyfeetboutique on Etsy. Not only does it have a filter pocket, but it comes with a nose wire to keep your mask in place all day long.

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16. Essential-Oil Treated Floral Masks

Living during a global pandemic is stressful, to say the least. These masks from Sue Rock Originals do more than keep you safe from COVID-19; they’re also treated with a house blend of essential oils to keep you relaxed, refreshed, and vitalized. Sustainably manufactured from upcycled materials, these masks are also available in multiple sizes to ensure yours fits your face with maximum comfort.


17. YellowTail Mint & Floral Mask

YellowTail‘s triple-layered mint-and-floral-print masks are as lightweight as they are lovely. Since the start of the pandemic, YellowTail has donated over 25,000+ masks to critically impacted communities in the Navajo Nation, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. For every mask you purchase, YellowTail will donate another one to a Native community in need.


18. Tie Bar

If you’re a dapper individual and you want your mask to match your shirt, The Tie Bar has got you covered. When you purchase a five pack of these menswear-shirting-fabrics-inspired masks, The Tie Bar will donate a five pack to hospitals in the Chicago area.

19. Abacaxi

Abacaxi’s cotton masks come in a variety of prints, from gingham to polka dots, all of which have a filter insert pocket inside for extra protection. The only thing more adorable than these masks are their child-sized counterparts (so tiny! so cute!). And if you poke around on their website and like what you see, Abacaxi will include a free mask with your purchase anyway, which is a total steal. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to a good cause, too; this month, your purchases will benefit organizations supporting Black trans futures.


20. Multi-Functional Face Masks

One of the most unique mask trends we’ve seen so far is the multi-functional masks. These terriffic tubes can double as a headband, hair tie, hair wrap, bracelet, or even hijab when you don’t need a mask, easily be pulled up over your mouth and nose when you do.



Which mask do you think is the cutest? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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