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15 Cute Masks To Get ASAP

15 Cute Masks To Get ASAP

Who would have ever thought that everyone would have to wear a mask to go out in public? Even though it may be bothersome to wear a mask, ultimately it’s one of the best ways to keep yourself and everyone around you safe. Plus, masks are becoming the new fashion trend and there are a ton of affordable, stylish masks to choose from! Here are some cute masks that you will LOVE! 

1. Urban Outfitters Tie-Dye Reusable Face Masks 

Popular brands like Urban Outfitters are even beginning to sell face masks. Tie-Dye is a highly sought after pattern at the moment. Get this tie-dye mask to match your tie-dye sweatsuit. It’s a cotton, reusable face-mask that is still trendy! You can buy it in pink or green tie-dye for only $10. 


2. Vistaprint Daisy Mask

Vistaprint is a website where you can customize products to make it more your own. They also sell masks where you can personalize it with logos and pictures. However, they sell a bunch of different patterned masks, like this daisy one, that is adorable and a great way to show off your personality! Each mask has an adjustable nose piece and also replaceable filters! Buy yours for $13.

3. Free People Mask and Bow Floral Pack

Free People is known for its bohemian, vintage style which is definitely what this floral mask and scrunchie set embodies. You can buy a face mask and get a matching scrunchie in the same package! It’s a pretty good combination. The mask also has adjustable ear loops. Buy it from Free People in ivory, navy, or lemon for $20. 


4. Nordstrom Fashion Animal Print 4-Pack Adult Face Masks

Nordstrom has a wide selection of masks to choose from, including masks that are made by their actual brand. The fashion animal print pack includes 2 simple black and grey face masks, 1 striped mask, and a cheetah print mask as well. Animal print is totally in style so you don’t have to worry about your mask ruining your outfit. Plus, the masks come with a built-in filter pocket! Buy yours from Nordstrom for $25. 


5. Shopbop Lele Sadoughi Cloud Set Of 3 

Shopbop sells products from a ton of different designers meaning that they have a ton of products. The cloud set of 3 face masks by Lele Sadoughi was one of my favorites. It includes a black mask with stars, a striped mask with pearls, and a white embroidered floral mask. The masks all have filter pockets and adjustable ear straps. The star and pearl designs are to die for! Buy it for $40 from Shopbop. 

6. Adidas Face Covers

If you’re trying to find good masks to run outside in, the Adidas ones are the best. They’re made of breathable, light material so you won’t get too hot while wearing it. Personally, I wear these all the time as they are simple yet still cute to wear while running errands. Buy yours from Adidas for $20. 


7. Princess Polly “I’m Busy” Face Mask Baby Blue 

Princess Polly is a trendy online clothing brand that has become extremely popular amongst teens and young adults. I am obsessed with their baby blue face mask which is such a flattering, pretty color. Buy your own from Princess Polly f0r $12. 


8. Cotton Mask Reversible-Lavender Delight

If you know me, you probably know that my favorite color is purple and I am in love with any cute, purple accessories. This lavender mask is reversible so you can get two patterns in one! One Love Malibu sells a handful of reversible masks and they will donate a percentage of your purchase to the No Kid Hungry foundation. Buy yours for $20. 

9. Courtyard LA Silk or Brocade Masks 

If you’re into vintage fabrics and clothing, Courtyard LA is your number 1 source for vintage masks. Every mask is used with a different fabric so you’ll never know which one you get. As their website puts it each mask is made with “an interior layer of cotton or satin rayon and silk or brocade exterior.” All the masks are specially made! Buy yours for $34. 


10. Cosmo + Echo Face Mask 

Cosmopolitan Magazine teamed up with the brand, Echo to create these stylish face masks! They come in several different colors with different lips to express all your moods. Every time someone purchases one of these masks Cosmopolitan will donate to Until We Do it which is an organization that “delivers protective supplies to at-risk communities during the pandemic.” Buy yours for $15 off of Echo. 

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11. Revolve “Smiling” Protective Face Mask 

When people are wearing a mask it is hard to tell if they are smiling or not. Well, with this mask from Revolve, you can still stay “smiling” in your mask! They may not be able to physically see your smile, but with the words “smiling” it definitely lets everyone know that you are. Buy your own “smiling” mask for $17. 


12. Topshop Camouflage Print Fashion Face Mask 

You can’t even tell you’re wearing this mask! Just kidding, but it is still super fashionable as are most items from Topshop. Buy your camo mask for just $14. 

13. Botanica Workshop Natural Jersey Mask

The Botanica Workshop’s masks are comfortable as the straps don’t irritate your ears. Another great thing about their company as they offer a lower price for essential workers (7.50). If you are not an essential worker, you can purchase the zero waste mask for $15, and then a mask will be donated to an essential worker in northeast or downtown Los Angeles. 


14. Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack

“100% Human” is an organization that has tried to focus on bringing people together after the aftermath of the 2016 election. Every product that they sell, they donate 10% to the ACLU which “protects our fundamental freedoms.” They’re soft, comfortable masks and personally, I love the pastel tie-dye options! Buy your masks for $25. 

15. Athleta Everyday Non-Medical Masks 5 Pack

Athleta is most well-known for their workout gear, but they also sell masks that are praised as being the “best masks” around. The multi-pack comes with basic colors and includes a camo print as well. Buy the pack for $30!


According to the CDC, we may be wearing masks for a long time so might as well buy some cute, reusable ones like the ones shown above! Everyone has their own favorite mask so buy a few different ones to see what you like best!

Where did you find your go-to mask? Let us know in the comments below!

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