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20 Cute Long Bob Hairstyles To Try

20 Cute Long Bob Hairstyles To Try

Long bob hairstyles are becoming so popular with so many different ways to cut and style them. With edgy looks to the softer cuts, these are styles to try!

Since the beginning of this year I decided to get a ‘lob’ or a long-bob. So many stars have one and they are totally the hot thing right now! So scroll through and look at these 20 long bob hairstyles to try right now!

1. The purposely tousled messy curls

With this hairstyle, you can always get that “messy” chic look. This cute is really perfect for the ladies with edgy style.

2. Lucy Hale

Her hairstyle is so effortlessly cute. No matter what she wears or how she is styled, she always looks flawless.




3. Selena Gomez

Selena knows how to slay. She flips her lob’s bangs over for a cute flow-y look. Like Lucy Hale, Selena is always on point with her long bob.

4. Braid it

Just because you have a long bob doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and add some braids. Add a short braid in the back for a really cute look.

 5. Brown Balayage

What better way to get a bob than mix it with a low undertone of rose coloring?


6. Blonde Balayage

If you like your hair on the lighter side, a long bob with blonde balayage always looks so stunning!

7. Straight cut

Long bobs always look so pretty when they are that pin straight cut and style. This looks is perfect for a special occasion!

8. Ombred

This is the style I am getting. I mean look at it, who wouldn’t want this?!


 9. Subtly ombred

Pancakes and a super cute lob, what more could you wish for?

10. Rocker chic

Want a style that will make your inner punk-star come out? Well maybe her lob will help with that!

11. Perfect style

Want a hairstyle that will look cute no matter how you style it? Look no further, I have found it for you.


12. Jennifer Lawernce

Jenn shows us that even just simply straightening a lob will look good enough for the runway!

 13. Beach waves

You don’t need three foot hair to have a perfect beach wave look. A lob will do the trick just the same, even cuter!

14. Dry shampoo it!

Even if you forgot to shower last night, no need to, spray some dry shampoo and your hair will look amazing!


15. Bangs

Add some bangs and a complete ombre, and your set, for life!

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16. No makeup

Rock the lob without makeup, and be the true you, that beautiful person you are!


17. Party Ready

Have a fun party to go to or a special event? Go a little wild and cut your hair into an edgy, chopped long bob! You will be sure to be the star of the show.

18. Cara Delevingne

Cara shows us that no matter what look you are going for, you will look amazing in a lob.

19. Red hair

Don’t think I forgot you, if you have red hair, don’t worry, you will look just as amazing!


20. Photo ready

Now that you want a lob, go get one! They look good on everyone. Maybe you should change your style, dye your hair, layer it. Create a new you, with the same fiery personality!

Do you know of any other cut long bob hairstyles to try!? Share in the comments below!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own!


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