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8 Cute Ideas For Your Friendship Bracelets

8 Cute Ideas For Your Friendship Bracelets

Take yourself back into a memory of camp all those years ago. Not a “Death By Landscape” camp, but that time your counselor showed all of you how to tape down multicolored strings and make funny little friendship bracelets out of them. Handmade gifts are one of the most cherished gifts you can give any of your friends, but when your creativity gets stuck, consider letting in new ideas!

1. Favorite Colors

Ask your friends what their favorite colors are and incorporate them into the bracelets. These make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift because your friend will likely remember the conversation and feel touched that you were planning a gift so far in advance. The only downside? Finding colors you don’t have or having to deal with the weird combinations being thrown at you.

8 Cute Ideas For Your Friendship Bracelets


2. Names

Names are even more personalized, but unless you’re a master weaver you might want to give the ’90s style friendship bracelets a try. A plastic cord with beads on it is the way to go for this particular rodeo unless you happen to be incredibly adept at making the old school friendship bracelets. Nicknames, in particular, are incredibly valuable when it comes to this department seeing as nicknames are very personal and it might mean more than you realize for the other person to see their name reflected by you.

3. Inside Jokes

You’re making these for your friend, so why not throw in a funny phrase in there? If you have letters, go for a PONYBOY or whatever movie you feel like referencing. If making your best friend a bracelet that spells out TEAM JACOB in 2019 is the way to define friendship then man, I hope they appreciate your awesome love and support.

8 Cute Ideas For Your Friendship Bracelets


4. Pride

Whether you’re a fellow member of the LGBT+ community or an ally looking to support a close friend or loved one, this silent gesture may mean the world to the one you love. Whether you use rainbow colors or you purposefully denote one of the many other pride flags, there’s nothing like the breathless, validating feeling of having somebody else give you a physical proof of the acceptance they feel towards who you are.

5. Morse Code Message

Using long and short beads, you can also convey a short message that most likely the wearer alone will know. The only Morse code I ever learned was SOS, but unless you’re feeling in a particularly rugged mood I doubt that this is the message you plan to be sending:

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6. Inverse Colors

You make yours with the majority red with a couple of blue stripes or beads in it and your friend gets the majority blue with a touch of red in it. Genius. What better way to say two halves of a whole than to put it out there in symbolic form for the world to see.

8 Cute Ideas For Your Friendship Bracelets

7. Representative Beads

If you really want to make this personalized, denoting certain colors or beads to certain people is a surefire way to make sure that the bracelet means a lot. Unless it’s straightforward you might not rely on your friend to remember it off the top of their head, but if it’s a simple reference to a few special people then I’m sure they’ll end up thinking fondly over the hint.


8. Sentimental

These bracelets were made to be sentimental! So what if you’re both rowdy and goof around, throwing a quick LOVE YOU onto someone’s wrist can only make their mood ten times better whenever they look down at it. Adding dates is the perfect way to commemorate special times or a relationship. Really just give it your all and I’m sure whoever you make a bracelet for will love it.

What are some of your cute ideas for friendship bracelets? Let us know in the comments!

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