15 Cute Ideas For Your First Tattoo

Picking something for your first tattoo can be stressful because well, it’s there for life. If you’re struggling with this exact issue then you’ve come to the right place; Here’s 15 cute ideas for those of you who need some inspiration for your first tattoo.

1. A meaningful quote

It’s hard to go wrong with this. Take your time and search for a quote that really empowers you and carries you through your everyday life. This guarantees that it will always have meaning and encourage you even through your worst times.

2. Lotus flower

This tattoo has been increasing in popular recently, and I absolutely adore the meaning behind it. Other than the fact that it’s a beautiful tattoo to have, it is a symbol of regeneration and re-birth in that even when the water is dirty, a beautiful flower can still grow despite the challenges. Beautiful meaning for your first tattoo.

3. A meaningful date

Whether it be your children’s birthday(s), the birthday or passing of a loved one or anything in between, this is a fantastic idea for your first tattoo. It is a fool-proof way to ensure you’ll never regret this tattoo because it will always remind you of someone near and dear to your heart.

4. A rose

Yet another common flower tattoo with a significant meaning! I actually got one on my rib cage as my second tattoo and I love it to this day. The rose is said to symbolize hope and new beginnings; If you’re moving onto a new chapter or just need a reminder that you’ll get through whatever hardships come your way, this could be it.

5. Palm tree

Whether you want it big or small, it is an aesthetically pleasing tree that will look great no matter where you put it. A symbol of peace and harmony, this is a great message to carry around with you every day and an even better first tattoo idea.

6. Bee

I’ve aways particularly loved this tattoo idea. Bees are some of the hardest working creatures on this Earth and are thought to represent loyalty, courage and work. It’s a great way to represent who you are in a unique and elegant manner.

7. Mountain range

The meaning of this tattoo is very versatile and often varies depending on the person who gets it. Whether it’s to symbolize a love of travel or the highs and lows of life, mountain range tattoos are some of my favourite because of their simplicity and their alluring nature.

8. Coordinates

They could be the coordinates of your home or any other place that means a lot to you. They can easily be a small tattoo that is easy to hide if you’re someone who doesn’t want your first tattoo to be very visible. They’re aesthetically pleasing and super meaningful.

9. Moon

A moon tattoo can be put just about anywhere, and yet again can be easy to hide should you so desire. They look extremely elegant and simple while being able to hold any variety of meaning to the person who is getting it.

10. Someone’s initials

While I’m not saying to go out and get tattoos with your current boyfriend or girlfriend (do so at your own risk), getting initials of someone who really matters is a great way to show that you care and to always feel like you have them with you. I have my grandparents’ initials on my wrist and it always makes me feel as though they are supporting me in spirit.

11. A lip tattoo

Let’s be honest, very few people are going to see it. What’s even better is that it goes away with time (for most people), so it’s usually not a lifelong commitment. If you’re not quite sure if you want to commit wholeheartedly to body art just yet, get whatever you want somewhere that nobody will see.

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12. Arrow

An arrow is often seen as a symbol of always moving forward in life with an immense amount of courage. It serves as a reminder that you can always keep going and can be diversified in an innumerable amount of ways.

13. A religious tattoo

If you’re someone who finds solace and comfort in the idea of religion, why not always have a reminder of that on you as well as within you? While some religions are stringently against tattoos, if yours isn’t then it’s a great way to express a part of who you are.

14.  One of your favourite works of art

If your’e an art enthusiast and this magnificent form of expression is something that means a lot to you, why not get that as your first tattoo? Art pieces tend to look exquisite as tattoos and you know that it will always mean a lot to you.

15. A butterfly

Butterflies are a symbol of freedom, beauty and change. I think this is a great message to inspire your first tattoo, and you can make it more minimal or realistic, whatever your heart desires. I love the ways in which people vary this tattoo, but they tend to look divine regardless.

What were some of your first tattoo ideas? Tell us in the comments down below!

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Alexa Nadeau

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