15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

When the weather gets nicer outside, it seems we all just want to go outside more and more – or just definitely not be stuck inside at work during a perfectly, sunny day. So, as summer is basically here now, so is the urge to get outside and plan your next outdoor adventure. If you live near a place to hike, or want to make a trip out of hiking – it’s important to pick out the right hiking outfits, so you are comfortable from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Here’s 15 cute hiking outfits to wear for your next outdoor adventure!

1. Hiking Skort

Let’s be real, hikes can be sweaty, long, and it’s normal for our legs to rub together when exercising. Skorts make everything active a little bit easier to do. Also, they look a lot cuter than your regular pair of shorts. A skort made for sports can be found at a ton of outdoor retail stores, such as REI Co-op, Backcountry, and Columbia. What’s cute about a skort is that it looks a tad more dressed up than your average pair of shorts. And, it still has the shorts built in underneath, so your hiking outfit can be cute, and still be comfortable for what ever trail, mountain, or pavement you’re exercising on.

2. Matching Top And Leggings Set

You can find a few pairs of chic sports bras (that look more like tops) and leggings that match as a set. Now, this definitely makes for one of the cuter hiking outfits you can find for a few reasons. One, leggings are super comfortable to lounge in, go to class in, workout in – they are overall one of the most soft, and chill pair of bottoms you can wear. When you find a pair of leggings you love, it’s hard to think of owning a different brand of them or really wearing anything else. Two, wearing a matching sports bra or top that goes with leggings can make your outdoor adventure more comfortable. When you’re hiking, you can get sweaty quick and often wish you had another layer on, so you could take it off when you’re feeling hot during your workout. Three, what’s really better than a matching set? We see matching skirts and tops all the time for going out, and they look just as cute when they’re made of leggings and for getting outside.

3. The Backpack Look

It makes sense that people carry backpacks while hiking. You’d probably regret not carrying one, honestly. Having a cute backpack, that is of course, durable too – can make hiking a little more fun. Not only our Fjallraven bags super trendy and come in a ton of colors, they also last for a while and can carry a lot of weight even if they don’t look like they do. Fjallraven is one brand that carries more than just backpacks, but has a ton of backpacks that can carry your essentials of granola bars, water bottles, maps or what ever else you may need for your outdoor adventure. They also look good for a picture when you reach the top of the mountain.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

4. Cropped Hoodie

The days of wearing an oversized hoodie for hiking are not over – but we have seen more cute, trendy hiking outfits nowadays. This is probably because the world of Instagram has shown us so many people hiking all over, and wearing outfits that I’d probably wear if I wasn’t doing any physical activity. Anyway, cropped hoodies or sweatshirts can make for a comfortable, laidback, cute look for your day trip to the mountains.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

5. Oversized T-Shirt

There’s no doubt that oversized t-shirts are good for what ever look you are going for. That’s right, an oversized t-shirt really works as a dress, and with leggings, or tucked into high-waisted pants, and they are good for hiking too. Wearing something loose, not tight for an outdoor adventure can make for a comfortable, relaxed look for your hiking trip. You also won’t have to worry about seeing pit stains, or getting too hot in a tight shirt.

6. Patterned Leggings

Wearing leggings with a cool print, or pattern, like floral, stripe or multi-color can make your hiking outfit stand out on Instagram, and be paired with any solid shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt. Finding leggings that are bold, can be fun and make for one of the cutest hiking outfits.

7. Patagonia… Everything

Okay, I might be biased when it comes to Patagonia. They are one brand that does a lot of good for the planet, and really cares about sustainability when it comes to making clothing. And, they have also become of the trendiest outdoor brands to own. Not only does their clothing stand up against all weather, they also make for cozy, stylish hiking apparel. Patagonia’s clothing comes in vibrant, or neutral colors, different patterns, styles, fabrics, etc. And, when you are hiking n the woods and away from the sun, you can definitely get chilly. So, Patagonia fleeces or sweatshirts are a good option for your next hiking adventure.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

8. North Face

Like Patagonia, North Face is another brand that is known for their long lasting, stylish outdoor apparel. Their logo is loved by a lot of people, as well as their winter coats, windbreakers, backpacks, t-shirts, etc. And, they also make great hiking sneakers, that are as cute as any pair of sneakers you would own.

9. Hiking Sneakers

As mentioned above, North Face makes some of the most fashionable hiking sneakers. If you’re going hiking in the mountains, or even on a trail – it really is not a good idea to wear your everyday sneakers. You will get through the hike just fine, but there are definitely way better options. If you don’t like the look of hiking boots, hiking sneakers are the next trendiest option for getting through some rough patches in the woods, or just for a comfortable, reliable pair of shoes for outdoors.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

10. Hip Pack

If you’re bringing minimal items with you for hiking, or it’s too hot to carry a backpack – a hip pack is the next best option. You can find cute ones at stores like Patagonia, which will be sure to hold on tight to your essential stuff (like keys, wallet, sunscreen, and maybe even fit a bottle of water).

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

11. Bike Shorts

Yeah, bike shorts are not just for biking. Like leggings, bike shorts provide, weightless comfort, and stretch. They are also not as thick as some pairs of leggings, and make for a good option for your next outdoor adventure.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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12. Windbreaker

If you’re hiking in the summer, you may still want to bring a coat. If the sun isn’t shining, or you’re really in the woods – a lightweight coat is a good option for when it gets a little colder outdoors. A windbreaker is good for light rain, or chilly weather and can be tied around your waist or put in your backpack when you don’t need it anymore during your hike.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

13. High Socks 

I’m not sure when this became popular, but it seems like wearing high socks with sneakers or your hiking boots can make your look more outdoorsy. Even if you’re wearing shorts, or leggings, high socks can look good with your outfit and be more comfortable than low rise socks. They also can obviously be a better option for hiking in colder weather.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

14. Baseball Hat

It’s true, baseball hats are not just for bad hair days. They can be a cute add on for a casual look, and also make hiking outfits look more relaxed, but stylish. A baseball hat can keep the sun, and hair out of your face on your next trek outdoors.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

15. Beanie

Wearing beanies can never really go out of style – we honestly really need them during the colder months. And, they make for a total, outdoorsy, vibe to your outfit when hiking during the fall or going on an outdoor adventure in the winter.

*15 Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

What are your favorite places to hike? Have you tried any of these hiking outfits before? Let us know in the comments!
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