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10 Cute Gameday Outfits At Penn State University

10 Cute Gameday Outfits At Penn State University

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Along with the score of the game and the weather, the most important part of any game day is your outfit, obviously. Whether it be a t-shirt or dressing up in overalls, all ideas are sure to stand out at your next tailgate! Check out these outfit ideas to eat the best burger and get the best Instagram pic while doing it. Below are 10 cute gameday outfits at Penn State University!

1. The Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Alumni tee.

To pretend to be an alumni for the day or to be a Penn State parent, this is sure to be made for a humorous and original idea.

2. The cheerleader.

Anyone else ever wished they were a cheerleader? Now you can be one! The top and bottom of the cheerleading outfit sure makes those warm game days the most comfortable.


3. The overalls.

When did these come back in style? It doesn’t even matter, because they are the best.

4. The t-shirt dress.

The classic, for any warm game day. You can cut it any way you like and make it your own.


5. ‘We Are’ Sunglasses.

These are brand new and student made, they make for a great photo op and spirit from head to toe.

6. Anything with a flannel.

Being in the middle of PA, you could pair a flannel with just about anything. Especially on game day, you can tie it around your dress and if it gets chilly you can wrap it around your shoulders.

7. The halter top.

This is the newest trend to hit State College, they are cute, fun and home-made!

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8. The bleached tee.

These kind of t-shirts require a little extra care, but are sure to stand out at any tailgate.

9. Spirit sneakers.

Decorating your sneakers for your favorite team? Doesn’t every school do that?


10. Onesies

I give props to whoever wears these, they are sure to get your attention and keep you nice and cozy for game day!

Do you have any more fun ideas for cute gameday outfits at Penn State University? Share in the comments below!
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