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10 Cute Gameday Outfits at Kent State University

Let’s be honest, an outfit completes you every single day…so why not make it a cute one? Typically, cute outfits are not associated with sporting events, but why not be bold and make a statement?! From DIY to vintage, below are 10 cute gameday outfits at Kent State University!

1) DIY Cut-Out Top

These shirts are a MUST HAVE! Whether you are cutting out a typical shirt to wear day-to-day or a school shirt, they can be worn pretty much anytime! Don’t waste money buying ones already made, make one yourself! It will take you thirty minutes max. You just need an old shirt and scissors! I would recommend trying on the shirt before you cut it to gage how low the cut-out will go! Pair this shirt with a cute jean jacket and some leggings or a skirt and you’re ready to go!

2) DIY Tie-Dye

You could even mix this with a cut-out! Tie dye is simple and always will be cute. Tie-dye your shirt in school colors and you have even more spirit! Personally, I prefer tie-dying with two shades of blue because the colors will mix if you use yellow and blue. You need a white shirt, rubber bands, and some tie dye. Make your shirt into a cool pattern and then go crazy with the colors.

3) Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt

Okay, now this is so so cute!!! This one requires a little bit more effort, and maybe more money, but is totally worth it. You can snag all kinds of vintage Kent State gear on ebay and etsy! I think vintage sweatshirts are the cutest, but they also have t-shirts and sometimes jerseys!


4) Sneakers and Jersey

This is a classic “cool girl” outfit. You can see everyone from Kendall Jenner to Ashley Olsen wearing it courtside. Since it is basketball season, you can be super cute while you’re at a game of your own. We may not be the lakers, but a girl can dream! Pair a jersey with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and some superstars, maybe even a suede baseball hat and you’re set!

5) School Colors

This is so easy! Pretty much wear some blue and gold and you’re spirited! So, find a cute navy blue dress and get a cute gold belt or flats and you are ready!

6) Hair Bow

Make one yourself, or buy one from etsy! (Can you tell that I spend all my free time shopping on etsy?) They have super cute ones that aren’t too in your face, but also some that say Kent State on them! If you want to be more discreet, just wear the bow in your hair or around your wrist.

7) Cheer Skirt

I am SO in love with these! You can get them with customized colors. So you can make yours gold or navy! They pair very nicely with a Kent State shirt, or just a white t-shirt. You can also re-wear this beauty on Halloweekend!

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8) Spirit Wear

Okay, this is obvious but.. you can make it more fun by following an “out.” White out to pink out, I recommend having a few items in your closet that are “out” worthy and ready because you never know when you’ll need a pink tu-tu or a pair of white shorts.

9) Oversized Sweatshirt

Pull a Kylie Jenner and distress your own Kent State sweatshirt. Pro tip: buy one in the clearance section of the bookstore because they always have xl and xxl’s on sale! Then, take a rock or sandpaper and rub! Distress as much or as little as you want! Pair with some over the knee boots and sunglasses and there you are, Kylie Jenner!

10) Monogram Wear

So.. if you know me, you know I am obsessed with monograms! Get a basic sweatshirt or t-shirt and take it down to Dragonfly Embroidery in Acorn Alley and get it monogrammed! It is only $5 for a monogram, and they come in a multitude of colors and fonts. It is an amazing deal, and if you’re like me, you want to get everything monogrammed.

Do you have any more ideas for cute gameday outfits at Kent State University? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Delaney Huesgen

Delaney Huesgen is a Class of 2020 Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State Univeristy. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she is looking forward to her new adventure in Ohio. She hopes to move to New York and work at a magazine in an editorial position to continue her love of both writing and fashion.

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