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10 Cute Gameday Outfits At University Of Arizona

10 Cute Gameday Outfits At University Of Arizona

10 Cute Gameday Outfits at University of Arizona

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and gameday gear is no exception.  But sometimes we get stuck in a rut, recycling arrays of blue and red, game after game, failing to create new looks. Wildcats be bored no longer!  Whether you want to rock a classic slogan t-shirt, or display a DIY modeled after Kendall Jenner, the following 10 looks will ensure you always look your best on those blessed Fridays we call gameday. Below are 10 cute gameday outfits at University of Arizona!

1. The Tank/Tee Dress

We start off with my personal favorite, the men’s tee or tank turned dress.  This one is so great because it requires, like, zero extra effort. All you got to do is hop over to the bookstore, the store on university, or heck, even Walmart, purchase a men’s top in about two sizes bigger than your own size, and BAM! Instant game outfit, especially perfect for those early season games in the scorching AZ sun.  Add some colored converse or a cute flannel around your waist for some extra festivity, or just go simple! Either way, this one’s a crowd pleaser all around.


2. Preppy Skirt Sets

These are for the die hard prepster (like hipster but for preppy people).  Skirt outfits like the ones above can be found on sites like Hype and Vice or can be made with your own flouncy skirt and bandeau or bodysuit of choice. Throw in a choker to glam it up, or some sneaks to dress it down.  Either way, this outfit is bound to bring out your flirty side, and is definitely good for that Instagram worthy capture.


3.  Matching With A Group

Football games are not only a place to show support for your school, but also to represent the groups in your social life that make you who you are. Whether it be an honorary, your sorority, or just your friend group, matching outfits can go a long way in the style department. Wearing the same shirt, like the chain gang’s striped rugby jersey, or simply coordinating colors and cutoffs, there are tons of ways that you and your girls can dress to look like the freshest squad around.


 4.  V-Collar Cut

There are sooo many DIY options, but this one deserves a special spotlight.  I mean, come on, what’s not to love with this one?  It can be done with almost any t-shirt no matter the design or pattern.  Leaving the collar hints at the choker trend, while the deep v-cut gives you a chance to show off your newest lacey bralette or strappy sports bra.  Cutting your shirt like this will ensure trendiness, while encouraging individuality and creativity too.


5. Color Mixing

What’s easier then just combining our schools great colors?  Any mix of red, white, and blue will look festive without having to sport any U of A logos or prints. Red, white, and blue flannels, striped socks, or Converse can really add some flare to your look.  Try a red top with denim bottoms, or a blue shirt and white shorts, and remember, layers are your friend with this outfit idea. Prints like stripes and polka dots can also go a long way, adding dimension and interest.

6. Cut it Up

Ok, ok, so I’ve already hit on one of the biggest self-made trends, the V-cut collar, but I can’t just leave it at that. The opportunities are really endless, and most importantly the choice is entirely yours.  If you can’t find the shirt in the style you want, just create it!  There are a ton of ideas, and they range from a simple sleeve trim, to a neckline rehabilitation, or a precisely carved out back.


7. Classic Tee (Sort Of)

This is another simple one, and who doesn’t love something simple?  The world of collegiate apparel is expanding way past the boundries of the bookstore or small school shop, and now stores like Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle are hosting their own array of school spirited tops.  Take a step away from the same shirts that everyone owns, and branch out.  Try a sparkly top from Pink or a vintage short sleeve from AE, if you’re feeling risky.  Or just keep it classic with your Wildcat crop top and Bear Down long sleeve.  Either way you can’t go wrong with a spirited top.


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8.  Overall Overhaul

It’s official! Overalls have made a comeback everywhere, especially at football games.  Classic denim, colored, or even patterned overalls are a fun way to stay cool and casual, and still look different from all your fellow cats. What goes underneath is almost as important. An off-the-shoulder top, bandeau, or crop top is always cute, but you can jazz it up with a bralette or tight long sleeve shirt.


9. Poppin’ Crops

The crop top; perhaps one of the most underestimated ways to look cute for games.  Whether you make it yourself with a pair of scissors, or buy it that way, crops are the PERFECT way to show off those steel cut abs in the scorching heat. Paired with high-waisted skirt or shorts (or even overalls as mentioned above) there’s literally nobody who can’t pull off this effortless look.


10.  Face Of A Champion

Clothes are important, obviously they make up eighty percent of your outfit, but we can’t forget our best accessory… our faces!  Temp tattoos, face paint, or some cool eyeshadow are easy ways to jazz up your look. Plus they make for super cute selfies.

That’s it! 10 ideas for gameday outfits at University Of Arizona to help stir your creativity on game day. Whether you follow one of these or come up with your own ideas, gameday is all about self expression and support for our teams! So try something new or recreate something old, but always remember to bear down!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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