10 Cute Gameday Outfits at Baylor University

It’s that time of the year: it’s merry, bright, and basketball season. Basketball’s a-brewing, and the season of gold and green will once again commence. Basketball’s the real deal at Baylor, but the jerseys aren’t the only thing being sported this season. Though football season may be done and gone, the season will be back before you know it, and you will be slipping on some cowgirl boots and Kendra Scott in no time.  Despite Waco’s unpredictable sometimes-chilly-sometimes hot weather, here are ten go-to outfits for any game.

1. The Pre-Gamer

Going out before the game for a nice dinner? Needing to be cozy for the late night outing after the big win? This outfit is simply perfect for your inner prep, and for that spontaneous dinner date with #16 on the team. Waco can be wacky with its weather, so a jean-top duo is flexible for any occurence. Throw away the scarf and add a statement necklace for a warmer day, and a nice peacoat doubled with the scarf is a perfect winter wonderland set-up.


2. The “Are we really going?” Outfit

Admit it: we’ve all gone somewhere whether it be Patt Neff Hall, or anywhere in McLane Stadium for that perfect “Insta worthy” moment. This outfit not only makes a statement, but also shows your confidence. Go to that game for twenty minutes, girl. Take that cute picture and post it on every social media account you have. Do it. The gold and green blend perfectly in the sea of Baylor fans, but are subtle enough for the very early after game party.


3. The “There’s a game today?” Outfit

Last minute invite to the big game an hour from now? Don’t have anything that’s super cute and green and gold?? Run to the campus bookstore and grab the ultimate last minute shirt and bam! You’re ready for a fun night with friends, cheers, and free throws! Grab a cardigan, and pull it off with dark jeans and booties, and then you’re set.


4. The Ultimate Game Goer

We all know that one person that goes to every game, including the away games. The biggest fan you know definitely has this super trendy outfit in her closet. No matter the day, this game goer will sport the cutest Baylor shirt she has with, no doubt, a green skirt to go with it. Weirdly warm? In Texas, cowboy boots are always in season. A little chilly outside for Waco? Slip on some tights, and flats, and not only are you sooo Baylor, you’re also gameday adorable.


5. The Freshman Look

We’ve all done it, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Were you really a Baylor freshman if you didn’t run the line with your terribly bright gold LINE jersey that didn’t match a thing in your closet? Well, it is possible to make it look cute, for I have tried many things in my day as an eager Baylor freshman. Pair it with running shoes and shorts for a sporty (and comfy)  look on a hot day, or throw it over a dress with green (of course, green!) Kendra Scott.


6. The Upper Classmen

You made it, and you finally can hang up your line jersey on your wall with pride. Not only are you now part of the “upper classmen,” you also get to move up in McLane Stadium. Though you may miss front row seats to every home game as a freshman, there are other perks as an upper classman and that is your gameday look. With this southern charm outfit, and your matching friends, there’s no way your “squad” will not be perfect when “rolling up” at the game ten minutes into the first quarter. Pair it with cowgirl boots or booties and curls, and you’ll officially be the cutest Baylor babe out there!


7. Winter Wonderland

Want to go to the biggest game of the year, or make a trip to a bowl game? This perfectly green outfit will not only show your pride effortlessly, but also will keep you cozy in the stands. For the ultimate fan, top it off with a green or gold scarf, and grab some gloves and you’ll be more than warm and big screen worthy. For a classy touch, add an oversized handbag and matching boots.


8. The Manhattan Look

Dreaming of being back home in New York with the cold weather and concrete jungles? Let your inner New Yorker fly with this adorable Manhattan-esque outfit at a chilly November game and rock the most fashionable greens and golds. With this outfit, there’s no chance that you’ll find an excuse to go out after the game. Baylor’s known for adorable gameday outfits, and this one is the poster child for it.


9. Perfectly Preppy

Warm Waco can get you in the slumps if you’re usually dreaming of a white Christmas (or even Thanksgiving). When Waco gets chilly, or even 70, be perfectly preppy with this goto gameday attire. It can get windy and cold high up in the stands, so don’t let the cold make you sacrifice your cute blouse hanging in your closet. Add some accessories like printed flats and earrings to bring the green all together. Plus, you get to wear jeans!


10. The Senior

You’re an old pro now at the whole Baylor Gameday thing, and this outfit will only prove it more. You’ve gone to every home game and a bowl game and have officially nailed your adorable gameday look.  However, any adorable gameday outfit you choose, you’ll look flawless out there in the stands no matter the weather, dress, or shoes.


Do you have any other suggestions for gameday outfits at Baylor University? Share in the comments below!

*All opinions are my own, and are suggestions. Have fun dressing up (or down) for the next game!!

Featured Images Sources: http://blogs.baylor.edu/jake_lindsey/my-sport-basketball/
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