Fall Sweaters You Need in Your Closet

The fall season has cast upon us with vengeance. Brisk temperatures, angry winds and the looming possibility of snow are every day occurrences. While the weather may not necessarily be ideal for some, the fashion that compliments it certainly is. To shield ourselves from those chilly autumn days, there is one item of clothing that will never fail to keep us warm (and looking super chic) – trendy and chic fall sweaters. With so many styles to choose from, it doesn’t hurt to have options, which is why I have compiled a wide variety of fall sweaters you definitely need in your closet!

Turtleneck and Cowl Neck Sweaters

Camel Fall sweaters - turtleneck Mustard Fall sweaters

Credit: @eatsleepwear

If you don’t take it from me, take it from the Internet’s hottest fashion bloggers – turtlenecks are a fall must-have! Perfect for those winter-esque days, turtlenecks keep you nice and cozy, eliminating the need for a scarf or even a jacket.

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Camel Fall sweaters  Mustard Fall sweaters

Neutral tones are popular this year, especially with turtlenecks. Because these types of sweaters are relatively heavy, it’s best to choose a basic color to provide good balance.

Red Fall sweaters

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Slouchy turtlenecks offer a more casual vibe and look great on any body type.

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c  Red Fall sweaters

Colorful and Pastel Knits

Red Fall sweaters

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As seen with many of this season’s turtleneck styles, thick knit material is great for the fall. From ribbed knit to open knit to cable knit – your wardrobe won’t be complete without some sort of knitted sweater!

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Black Fall sweaters  red Fall sweaters

Again, due to its chunky nature, it is best to wear this type of sweater in a subdued neutral color.

Fall sweaters - olive knit

Credit: @notyourstandard

Knit sweaters are great for layering too. A simple white button down beneath your favorite knit generates a classy, “I’ve-got-my-life-together” look, while donning a flannel over (or under) your knit radiates trendiness.

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Fall sweaters - knits  Fall sweaters - knits

Sweater Dress

Fall sweaters - sweater dress Fall sweaters - sweater dress

Credit: @skopljak and Fashforfashion

Sweater dresses are a staple in any fall closet because, well, they are basically an entire outfit in itself. Like the saying goes – no pants are the best pants – so throw on your favorite sweater dress and let your legs enjoy the freedom.

These cute fall sweaters can be worn with sneakers for a very laid back, effortless style, yet easily transform to the perfect night-on-the-town outfit with the right pair of heels.

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Fall sweaters - slouchy sweater dress  Fall sweaters - slouchy sweater dress

If you haven’t noticed a trend yet, basically neutral is the theme of fall fashion. Sweater dresses in earthy tones are easy to dress up or down, and don’t overwhelm the eye.


Essential to any fall day is a cardigan. Easy to slip on and off, cardigans are perfect, especially on days when the sun decides to grace us with its presence. You can go with a lot of different cardigan styles!

The preppy short cardigan is perfect for a Fall work outfit.

Fall sweaters - cute and preppy cardigan Fall sweaters - cute and preppy cardigan

Credit: @elisabethmcknight and Poshmark 

Fall sweaters - cute and preppy cardigan

They can be worn over a chambray shirt, a blouse or a dress.

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Fall sweaters - cute and preppy cardigan  Fall sweaters - cute and preppy cardigan

Fall sweaters - cute and preppy cardigan

Long hem cardigans are a fall favorite this year, offering maximum coverage with a very stylish vibe. However, shorter, loose-fitted cardigans will never go out of style and are a guaranteed flawless accompaniment to any outfit.

Fall sweaters you need in your closet this season - Long black cardigan  Fall sweaters you need in your closet this season - chunky cardigan


Fall is the perfect season for a poncho sweater since it is pretty hard to wear a jacket over those and be comfortable. They look super cute with rain boots or riding boots for a casual look but can also be paired with knee high boots.

 Fall sweaters you need in your closet this season - Poncho outfit

Credit: @jeanwang and Olivia Palermo

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Fall sweaters you need in your closet this season - Grey PonchoFall sweaters you need in your closet this season - Black Poncho


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