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Cute Fall Nail Designs You Must Try

Cute Fall Nail Designs You Must Try

Cute Fall Nail Designs You Must Try

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and it is almost time for haunted houses, trick-or-treating, and turkey dinners. That is right, Fall is around the corner. While the season changes, so do our fashion styles and our nail designs. Creating unique and awesome looks that represent ourselves and how we feel about the Autumn season inspires us to share cute Fall nail designs that you must try!

1. Orange Plaid With A Sparkly Accent

These fall nails are super easy to recreate, or for your nail tech to recreate for you! Just ask for your pinky, pointer, and thumb to be painted a pumpkin orange. Then paint your ring finger a sparkly brown color, and keep your middle finger a neutral skin tone color so that the plaid design will really pop! If these fall nails don’t scream autumn, I don’t know what does.

2. Spooky Ghost Nails

These fall nails are a little more difficult to recreate on your own, but your nail tech will have no problem making it happen! Ask for all of your nails to be painted white, and then get them decorated with stars, moons, and sparkles in black. Ask for a ghost to be painted on your middle finger, and there you have it!


3. Muli-Color Fall Nails

Unlike the first two fall nails, these are really easy to do on your own. Mix and match some fall colors such as orange, brown, grey, and blue, and paint each of your nails a different color. Although these fall nails are minimalistic, they’re super cute!

4. Cheetah Print With Sparkles

Similar to the first fall nails, these are sparkly and super out there. Choose two fingers to decorate with the cheetah print, and then paint the rest with a sparkly red or a sparkly brown. Sparkly orange would be pretty, too!

5. Gold Foil

Gold foil nails are ALL the rage right now, and they’re especially pretty for the fall! These are hard to recreate on your own, so I’d recommend going to a nail salon and showing them this picture. They look pretty with the almond shape, but you could also do them with a square or coffin shape depending on your preference!


6. Different Designs On Each Nail With Brown, Orange, and White

These fall nails are the cutest on this list in my opinion! You can get really creative with these three colors and do a different design on each nail. I especially love the checkered print and the multi-colored swirls!

7. Gold And Orange Swirls

Swirly nails are EVERYTHING right now! Celebrities like Kendall Jenner made them super popular, and in the spring, people were sporting them with pastel colors. So, for the fall, it only makes sense to wear them with fall colors such as orange and gold! Colors like green, brown, red, and yellow would also look super cute.

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8. Orange Tips

This nail design was also super popular in the spring and the summer. People were wearing them with bright multi-colors, but keeping the nail neutral and the tips orange is super cute for the fall.

9. Neutral Sparkles With Brown Swirls

This is taking the swirly nail trend to a whole new level! Paint the base of your nails a neutral sparkly color, and then use brown with a thin brush to make the swirls. Again, this could also work with other fall colors such as tan, red, orange, yellow, and dark green!

10. Minimalistic Cream Nails

These cream nails will look beautiful on anyone with a dark complexion! They’re SUPER simple and easy to accomplish, and paired with the gold rings they’re the perfect minimalistic statement nails for fall.


There are many cute designs we came across, but we chose designs we believe would be easy to recreate, inspire, and scream Fall. We hope you enjoyed these cute, fun, and unique Fall nail designs. Be sure to share these cute designs with others this Autumn season and comment which one is your favorite!