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Cute Fall Hairstyles That’ll Impress Your Boyfriend

Cute Fall Hairstyles That’ll Impress Your Boyfriend

Cute. Flawless. Spectacular. All the qualities of Fall hairstyles you should shoot for during the working season. Your boyfriend will appreciate the effort you’re putting in during the chilly months ahead. Although it may be not as eye-opening as summer, Fall can still provide some beautiful hairstyles that’ll make you feel like a new, inventive person. Here are some cute Fall hairstyles that’ll impress your boyfriend.

1. Blunt Bob

Short and simple. Many women will love one of the most straightforward fall hairstyles in style right now. Worn by Game of Thrones own Emilia Clark, this style works with almost any dress or casual look. You don’t have to worry about making sure your hair falls in the right place. Imagine this with a full red lipstick and an impressive one piece. The wind won’t be too much of a factor while you’re heading home to your boyfriend after a long days work. The blunt bob is one of the only styles on this list that possibly can be hidden by an appropriate seasonal headgear.

2. Bobby-Pinned Locks

I adore how frantic yet noticeable this hairstyle looks. Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid are said to be fans of using bobby-pins to add some flair and awe to a hairstyle that makes the other Fall hairstyles too tamed in comparison. This hairstyle screams messy but with a point. As the Summer comes to an end and careers begin to fall in place, this look will make you seem like the total work beast. Perhaps a bit too long for some, but since movie stars like Zazie Beetz are rocking it hard, you can bet to find many women doing the same very soon. You’ll look like the ultimate force of nature, and anything that even comes remotely close wouldn’t want to pick a fight against you.


3. Center Part

Warm and cozy. All you need to do is keep it straight by using a thin comb. I love how somewhat muted this two-color style looks to be. Neither completely brunette or blond, but rather a subtle mixture between the two. The brown, goldish color suits perfect for that Fall look. Other Fall hairstyles are damned. Unlike the one before, this hairstyle isn’t too chaotic. It has a sophisticated quality which adds to its simplicity. I can see this worn in the workplace, at restaurants, or during a Thanksgiving gathering. You’ll be the attention getter with this straight and simple look for Fall.

4. Curtain Bangs

Some people like bangs, otherwise despise its existence. All I know is that when it comes to bangs, you better be sure to rock the living hell of out them, or else. The messy bangs pairs well with a gorgeous hight ponytail. Maybe this hairstyle can also be hidden with a seasonal headgear, but the ponytail adds so much to it that protecting it may not be the right move. Bryce Dallas Howard was recently seen rocking this hairstyle. It has a cute factor which will make your boyfriend appreciate your sense of style even more. While the bangs may not work for some, they do bring attention to whatever color eyes you have.

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5. Finger Waves

I love the name of this hairstyle perhaps more than the look itself. However, it has a working girl, old school nature to it that’s so attractive it’ll make any guy notice the effort. Out of all the Fall hairstyles on this list, Finger Waves is for those tired of the typical curling iron waves and curls. You’ll look like you’re the head of a company with this style — bold, old fashion, and authoritative at the same time


Which of these Fall hairstyles attract your eye the most? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time.

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