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Cute Fall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

Cute Fall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and “Hello fall!” with these gorgeous fall decor ideas for your bedroom. Since fall is all about warm colors, being cozy, and spooky vibes, we’ve made sure to include the best fall decor ideas with these things in mind. Ready to bring the beauty of fall into your bedroom? Then keep reading below!

1. Create A Cozy Letter Board Setup

Let everyone know what you love about fall with a cute letter board setup. Place it on your dresser, to create a gorgeous statement piece by surrounding it with fall colored florals, crisp looking faux apples, and some decorative garland. Set out some pumpkin scented candles on either side of the board for an extra cozy vibe. You could also hang it on the wall and frame it with a border crafted out of a mix of fall garland and fairy lights.   


2. Exchange Summer Florals For Fall Leaves

You might already have a summer floral wall if you’ve been reading our other bedroom decor related articles (click here to read how to DIY a floral wall if you haven’t), so you can easily exchange the summer flowers for fall leaves. Effortlessly recreate this fall-themed wall with a few garlands of orange or red leaves and some strands of warm-colored fairy lights. Your room will feel brighter, snug, and more welcoming once you’re done hanging it all up. 

3. Design Fall Floral Bouquets

The simplest way to bring the warm colors of fall into your bedroom is by designing floral bouquets. Buy some faux flowers in red, yellow, and orange from your local craft store so that they’ll last all season long without the fuss of real flowers. Place them in cute mason jars or milk cans with some small pine cones as filler. Bringing these blooms into your bedroom will make your room fall chic without much effort.   


4. Tea Lights, Candles, Lanterns… Oh My!

What could be cozier than being surrounded by the warmth of a few candles? Maybe being surrounded by pumpkin, cinnamon, or apple pie scented candles! Use decorative candle holders and lanterns to give a moody or spooky vibe to your room. If you’d rather not use real candles, there is always the option of battery-powered tea lights so you don’t have to deal with wax or an open flame. Spread them around your room for decoration during the day, and light them up in the evening for some comfortable warmth. 

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5. Get Spooky!

Be creative, and let the spooky fall atmosphere into your bedroom with some wickedly cute decor. Perch some skulls and crystals around on your dresser or bookcase for a creepy edge. Purchase or make your own potion bottles labeled with terrifying contents like lizard tails, bat wings, and dragon’s breath then place them around for a spine-chilling touch. Add a crystal ball and some faux crows to complete the eerie look. Have fun by adding clever and spooky decorations to your bedroom in unexpected places.


6. Pumpkins, Duh!

When in doubt, just add pumpkins! Pick pumpkins in different sizes and place them around your room to give it a vibrant look in dull places. Set the pumpkins on a bookshelf, dresser, nightstand or vanity for a splash of color and warmth. Pair them with some scented pine cones and cinnamon sticks to bring the smell of fall into your bedroom and really play up the fall theme. 

Will you be using any of these cute fall decor ideas in your bedroom? Share with us in the comments section below!

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