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10 Cute Enamel Pins To Dress Up Your Backpack

Enamel pins remind us of denim, backpack and bag culture. Using enamel pins can easily be a way for you to individualize yourself amongst a crowd of people. They reveal your interests, sense of humour, colour preferences and so much more. Enamel pins are an excellent way to showcase your hobbies, your favourite artists, quotes and humorous one-liners that can derive from TV shows, songs, and films as well!

When it comes to where to put these enamel pins, the possibilities can be quite endless. In fact, not only do they look amazing on backpacks with loads of negative space, but they look great on denim jackets and bags as well. You can easily find pins with quotes from your favourite artists and comedians, your favourite fruits, veggies and more. 

But if you’re super into the backpack look, then look no further than right here to find enamel pins that would perfectly suit your style, sense of humour and interests. 

1. Banana Bros

Do you love fruits? Do you love bananas? Do you love bananas with faces on them? Then these cute little banana bros enamel pins are exactly for you! 

These little pins would go great sitting next to one another on your backpack, or equally cute on either side of your shirt, denim jacket or similar. With cute little faces like this, you’ll always be in the same mood as at least one of them. 

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2. Just One More

Why not boost your enamel pin game by actually playing with your enamel pins? This cute little ‘Just One More’ enamel pin is perfect for anyone who loves giving in to guilty pleasures. And the best part? This little cutie actually spins! 

With choices like ‘cookie’, ‘nap’, ‘row’, ‘episode’ or ‘cup’, this is perfect for those who love to take breaks and are excellent procrastinators when it comes to work, study, or anything similar. 

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3. Too Close

I’m one of those people that have personal space issues. If I don’t know you, or I haven’t allowed it, please do not come within thirty centimetres of me. And for anyone who’s like me and prefers space between themselves and others, this ‘too close’ enamel pin is a must-have for you. 

Ensure people back up at least one more foot with this cute ‘If you can read this, you’re too close’ enamel pin. You’ll get the space you need and desire! 

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4. Tell Me What You’re Reading

Calling all book-lovers, authors, creative writers and poets! If you’re a massive reader and fan of the written word, then this cute ‘tell me what you’re reading pin’ will be the perfect addition to your backpack, denim jacket or similar. 

Let others know that you’re reading something, too to invite that conversation with someone who may have similar interests—and add that to your aesthetic!

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5. Pumpkin Pie Cat

If you’re an American reader, you’ll be heading into the fall months and wanting to get into the festive mood. Fall is a time for pumpkin recipes, including pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes and so much more. If you completely become a new person during the fall months heading into Halloween, then you’ll adore this cute little pumpkin pie cat enamel pin!

This little cat is sitting on top of a piece of pumpkin pie, so it’s no wonder why he’s so happy! Get into the festive holiday spirit with this cute pin and place it right on your backpack or on your denim jacket collar—like you’ve got a little friend with you to celebrate the fall season. 

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6. Ship in a Bottle

Set sail—or at least feel like you’re setting sail—with this cute little ship in a bottle enamel pin. If your heart belongs to the sea, and you adore everything ocean, fleet and ship-related, then this ship in a bottle pin is a must-have for you. 

If you’re heading out to the beach, for a trip that will be spent mostly by the sea, the ocean or the beach, then keep yourself inspired by planting this little cutie right on your travel bag, backpack or similar. And it may even inspire you to put a message in a bottle and set it free at sea. 

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7. You Got This

We definitely all need a daily pick me up. And if you don’t receive that from outer resources, then why not remind yourself every day that you’re doing all the rights things by getting this cute little ‘You Got This’ pin? 

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Add this to your collection of enamel pins, and cutely remind yourself you’re more than the self-doubt; you’re doing all that you can, and you’re doing everything in your power to get where you want to be. This is the perfect way to add a little positive reinforcement to your attire and to your life. 

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8. Chubby Avocado

We all scream for avocado. Avocado is like a whole culture in itself these days. Take smashed avo on toast, avocado smoothies, guacamole, avocado cream, avocado on literally anything! If you’re a massive advocate for avocados, then you’ve probably cut one of these delicious fruits in half once before. And you may have noticed that once opened, they look a little like chubby figures! 

And this little chubby avocado enamel pin perfectly captures that with tiny little legs, and hungry eyes. This little enamel pin is so cute you’ll be wanting to carry him absolutely everywhere. 

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9. Sleepy Toast

For anyone who’d rather be in bed than eating or making their breakfast, this cute little sleepy toast pin is the perfect addition to your collection of enamel pins. With a little egg, sunny side up, as a blanket, this toast is super sleepy and totally ready to go back to bed! I can relate. 

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10. Fries

Fries before guys, always and always. Let’s face it, fries are absolutely life and we think whoever thought of deep-frying potatoes in bite-sized pieces was absolutely genius. If you love fries, then you’ll adore this fries enamel pin with a cute little face printed on the front! 

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Which of these enamel pins will make it into your collection? Let us know in the comments down below!

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