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21 Cute Dorm Rooms We’re Obsessing Over

With the new school year approaching comes the mad dash to find the perfect dorm room decor and accessories to spruce up an empty space. Nailing your aesthetic and vibe is absolutely essential for a dorm room that feels just like home. If you’re brainstorming what your ideal dorm room will look like, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find 10 cute dorm rooms to give you instant dorm #inspo. These dorm room ideas are filled with chic and trendy decor that you can get for your own dorm to make your space unique to you!

1) Add A Pop Of Color

A great way to keep your dorm room looking chic and trendy is by sticking to mostly one color (white is chic AF) and adding a pop of color! Bright green is trending this year and the perfect accompaniment to green is greenery! So add some plants, real or artificial, and you’ll be living in paradise.

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2) Floral Heaven

If you find that your room is rather plain, a great way to dress it up is with floral decor! Whether you DIY your floral accents or buy some, they will instantly brighten up your room and put a smile on your face! Floral finishes are essential for cute dorm rooms!

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3) Garden Party

I’m loving the removable wallpaper on this wall (just make sure you buy some that’s easy to peel off and won’t ruin walls!) By adding the wallpaper to one side of your dorm, you’re instantly making your space appear bigger with an accent wall.

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4) Celestial Accents

There’s something about adding warm lighting, stars, dream catchers and other celestial decor to a room that makes it feel so inviting and relaxing. Keep your tones neutral and add some boho elements for the ultimate cool-girl vibe.

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5) Mellow Yellow

If you haven already gotten on the yellow bandwagon yet this year, prepare to. Bright, “buttery” yellow is in this year. From florals to stripes to polka dots…it’s hard to go wrong with this cheery color.

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6) Mix And Match

Can’t decide on a certain aesthetic? That’s okay – just combine them all! As long as you stay in the same color scheme, your contrasting prints and patterns will fall perfectly into place.

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7) Chic and Dreamy

Shades of lavender are the perfect colors for decorating your dorm. Lavender is not only aesthetically pleasing, it gives off a very relaxed vibe to make sure you’re always comfy in your own space.

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8) Modern Vintage

Combine vintage elements of your dorm with more modern accents and it will look amazing. The rustic wooden pieces mixed with orange velvet and tassels make your space unique. And the quotes add the perfect modernized touch.

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9) The All Grown Up Girly Girl

So you may still be in love with pink, and that’s okay! Just swap out your Barbie and hot pinks with more neutral, softer pinks. Greys, golds, black and whites are the perfect accompaniment to a soft pink.

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10) The Organized Chaos

Sometimes using things you already have is a great way of decorating your dorm, especially when it comes to your walls. If you have old pamphlets, cards, posters, artwork…anything really….just paste it to your wall and the collage will come together to create a one-of-a-kind room incapable of being copied by anyone!

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11) Sun Babe

Perfect for a girl who loves her sandy hair and sun bathing! If you want to brighten your drab dorm room, go for oranges, yellows and tans which will not only liven up your space but remind you of summertime too!

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12) Sunflowers And Sapphire

Two colors that unexpectedly looks gorgeous together are yellow and blue! Find a cute printed duvet that incorporates both colors and add the finishing touches with your decor.

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13) The Palm Leaf Trend

Palm leaves this year are IN. Whether it’s on throw pillows, a throw blanket, a tapestry or the actual plant, this pattern will instantly brighten any room. (All while transforming it into a tropical oasis.) Mixing your palm leaf prints with a contrast color like baby pink will add dimension to your room as well!

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14) Play With Prints

Boho, floral, tropical – you name it. As long as you stick within the same color scheme, no amount of prints and patterns is too many when it comes to cute dorm rooms! Give your room a more cozy atmosphere with string lights.

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15) The Monogram Queen

A cute way to decorate your dorm room is by adding your monogrammed initials! This is such a cute look for any dorm and is the perfect centerpiece for going above your bed.

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16. Pink Paradise

It’s true what they say, there’s no such thing as too much pink! If you’re planning on creating a pink dorm room theme, the best accent colors that always look #fire are golds, silvers and whites!

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17) The More Pillows, The Better

Who isn’t a fan of a good throw pillow?! If you can’t decide on just a few, grab a bunch! They’ll transform your space into a posh oasis. There’s nothing like coming back from your last class of the day and tossing yourself into a pile of pillows. So go ahead, get the pillows.

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18) The DIY Wall Collage

Not a fan of tapestries? Don’t panic – because you can easily take any old photographs, magazine clippings or wall prints you’ve had lying around and create a wall collage with them! Finish off the look with cute string lights and maybe even some plants!

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19) Let Your Tapestry Do The Talking

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate an entire wall is by simply covering it with a tapestry! Let it be the centerpiece of your room by first choosing your tapestry and deciding on your color scheme after.

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20) Relaxing Neutrals

Sometimes, you don’t need a boatload of vibrant colors and prints to dress up a dorm room. If you have more of a relaxed vibe and a calmer personality, coming home to a soft and peaceful space is what you need! And don’t worry, all neutrals go together so it’s impossible not to look good.

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21) Wordly Vibes

If you’ve got a case of wanderlust or just love everything about this earth, this is the perfect room for you! A black and white world map tapestry will look awesome  with any other colors and you’ll get a chance to cover up an entire ugly door room wall!

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Which one of these cute dorm rooms is your favorite? Let us know which one you love down below! And if you see anything you love that you can’t find online, just leave a comment and we can find it for you!
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