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Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room

Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room

Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room

The dorm room furniture your room comes with on move-in day is as basic as it gets, but it’s what you’re stuck with. Instead of being limited by these options take your room to the next level with these cute pieces of added furniture.

Small Drawers

Every dorm room can benefit from more storage. Most furniture items are too bulky or heavy to be useful in a small space but there are alternatives that can help. Getting a small set of plastic drawers for underneath your bed is a cheap and easy fix to your storage needs. We recommend using these drawers for items you reach for less frequently, like extra blankets, bedding, or off-season clothing. Try out these ones from The Container Store.

 Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room


There are only so many people you can squeeze into your dorm room before it gets too cramped to socialize. Don’t miss out on having your friends hang out in your room and instead invest in compact and comfy seating options. Decorative poufs and bean bag chairs are a great way to create space in your room with style. If a pouf is not your style storage ottomans provide additional space for your belongings as well! Find one option for this type of pouf on Amazon.

Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room


While not technically a piece of furniture risers help maximize the space in your dorm room. Adding a couple of inches under your bed will make it easier to store your items, and buy any additional pieces of furniture. There are numerous options for risers available online and in store but we recommend waiting to purchase them until you know the dimensions of your bed. Getting risers that act as power outlets is another great option! You can find risers on Amazon or most home stores.

Hanging Shelf

This do-it-yourself shelf is a great weekend project to help create some extra storage space. All you need is a couple of brackets from the local hardware store and a pocket shelf. Screw in the brackets and you have an easy way to hang a shelf off the end of your bed. No need to worry about putting holes in your walls!

Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room

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Bedside Table

It is uncommon for the standard dorm room furniture to include a nightside table so picking up one that works for your space is important. There are many varieties of nightstands to choose from but getting one with a lot of storage is ideal. If you are able to find a skinny and tall table that is the best option. Tables like that provide storage without taking up too much floor space, making them the perfect balance for dorm room furniture! Check out this bedside table from Amazon or find similar bedside tables at a local furniture store.Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room

Contact paper

Instead of replacing the furniture your stuck with why not try and upgrade it? Contact paper is the perfect, non-permanent fix for ugly dorm furniture. Craft stores, Amazon, Etsy, and other online retailers offer contact paper in all kinds of prints and styles to spruce up your space. Go for marble, stripes, pastels or anything in between. Don’t want to cover the whole piece of furniture? You can cut out shapes to add a fun detail to solid pieces. Simple peel and stick, making sure to get rid of air bubbles. At the end of the year simply peel it off and the furniture is as good as new (or at least how it was when you moved in).

Cute Dorm Room Furniture That Will Complete Any Room

What dorm room furniture is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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