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Cute Dorm Room Accessories You’ll Want To Have In Your Room

Cute Dorm Room Accessories You’ll Want To Have In Your Room

A commonality between most colleges is that they have dorm rooms. This is the space where you will be living for the next nine months or so. You have free reign to do what you want with your room, or half of the room if you have a roommate. That means you can make it look however you want. This is why you should get some dorm room accessories. Some of them can help you out with a basic need or organization. Others are just for pleasure so you can have a cheerful and entertaining room. What all of the accessories have in common is that they are all very cute and will make your room pleasing to the eye. Your dorm should be unique so that it will make you happy. Have some fun decorating and make it so that you have the most stylish dorm of your whole school.

1. Practical Lamp

Light is a pretty important part of every room. That is, if seeing is important to you. Your dorm will probably have an overhead light, but that might be too bright for what you want. Maybe you just want to see what is right in front of you. That is why this desk lamp is one of the essential dorm room accessories. You might be sitting at your desk reading a book or writing in a notebook. You may not want too much light as you prefer the dark, so you will just see what you need. This specific lamp also serves another purpose. It has tiny storage containers so you can store items like pencils and sticky notes. You won’t make a mess in your room and everything will be neat and compact. You’ll be killing two birds for the price of one. The lamp also comes in a variety of colors, like black or blue, so you can pick one that perfectly suits the aesthetic of your room. Your room will now have a little light, a little organization, and a lot of cuteness.

2. Soothing Pillow

You don’t need to use every pillow for sleeping. Sometimes an item’s use is purely as a decoration. This is one of those dorm room accessories that is just for fun. This is a throw pillow that you can just throw on your bed. You will arrange it so that the message is clear to give your bed some style. It also comes in a pretty pink color for some flair. The message on this pillow is also kind of helpful. It is a nice little reminder for getting through life. You may think taking a breath is not something that needs a reminder. However, college can really put you through the ringer. You may feel stressed at times and it can all be a bit much. Just looking at a sweet message can remind you to calm down by breathing. The pillow will give off calming vibes for the room in a stylish way.


3. White Board

Sometimes you may need to give yourself some little reminders. You might have an important event coming up, or you need to schedule something, or you have to buy something soon. Whatever it is, you need a way to remember. That is why there are dorm room accessories like this whiteboard. Sure, our smartphones can easily give us some reminders. However, phones run out of power, you may not get the reminder when you want it, or you don’t read it carefully. The whiteboard is a constant reminder. Whenever you are in this room, you will see this white board. The reminder will be ingrained in your mind after you see it so often. And if you want, you can also use this whiteboard for fun. Write a fun little joke to make anyone laugh. Draw some pictures to add a little art to your room. The whiteboard will be helpful and a lovely outlet for your imagination.

4. Removable Heart Wallpaper

Most dorm room walls look the same. It is the same old white or off white walls that every student in your room has seen for generations. It can get a little boring, so try to spice it up. There are dorm room accessories to help this problem. Some wallpaper would be a great fix. Don’t worry, this won’t ruin your walls. You can easily stick it on at the beginning of the year and peel it off at the end of the year. It is easy and quick. Not to mention, it is also really cute. The pattern of hearts on this wallpaper will bring some energy and fun to your room. This will be a dorm room of love and joy that stands out from the rest. A lot of people put some posters up on different parts of the wall, you can cover the whole wall. This will make it feel like this is really your home. Everyone will be jealous when they see how your room is so colorful and unique.

5. LED Vanity Mirror

You should probably see how you look before you go out everyday. No one wants to walk out of their room looking like a mess. That is how the mirror was invented. In this case, we are talking about a vanity mirror. This is for your face, so you know that your makeup is flawless and there is not a hair on your head out of place. But this is not a normal vanity mirror. This is a mirror, with LED lighting surrounding the glass. This will put you in some great lighting so that you know exactly how you look, right down to your last pore. It will also give your phone some wonderful selfie light. Speaking of phones, this mirror is really multiple dorm room accessories wrapped into one. There is also a phone charger attached to this mirror. You can save some plugs and have your phone conveniently placed for when you are done with makeup and ready to go. Get ready to look amazing today and have some perfect selfies.


6. Fake Plant

Not all dorm room accessories need to serve any sort of purpose. Sometimes they are just in your room to make it look nicer and aesthetically pleasing. An example of one of these accessories is a fake plant. This particular fake plant is decent sized and will stand out in your room. It does not require all of the care of a real plant, and that is a benefit. College life is busy enough as it is, you don’t need to add on the maintenance of a house plant. You do not need to do anything with this plant as it will always flourish. It is a cute accessory for your room. It can give your dorm a natural earthy vibe, maybe showing you as someone who likes the environment. It will also make your dorm feel like home. You’ll find plants a lot in real houses, and some people see plants as a housewarming gift. Therefore, this plant can elevate your room in a cozy way.

7. Bedside Tray

There is no shame in being a little lazy. You may want to just sleep the day away or chill in bed for hours on your phone. Your parents are at college, there is no shame in this. In fact, maybe one of the dorm accessories that you buy will help you out. The tray is sleek and can attach right onto the side of your bed. It can be used to hold whatever you want that you don’t want to get up to grab. You could put your laptop and phone there so they are ready to use in the morning. You can also put a book there if you want something to curl up with at night. The tray also comes with a cupholder so that you don’t have to leave your bed if you get thirsty in the middle of the night. This is a nightstand for the modern age. It will make your bed a little more enjoyable and help make your dorm room life easier.

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8. Mirrored Alarm Clock

Time is an important thing to know. You have to wake up on time every morning, leave your room when you have to, and plan your work time properly. Here is an alarm clock that you need for your dorm room. This is brighter than most alarm clocks you have seen, and brighter than most dorm room accessories in general. The numbers on this clock are huge and glowing. You could not even try to miss the time on this clock. It will be a large part of your room. The clock is also mirrored for a very contemporary touch. This will make it fit into your room while also giving off a fun style. Alarm cocks deserve to have some excitement. But wait, there’s more! You can plug in multiple devices in this alarm clock If you ever need something charged, this clock is the answer. It will wake you up in the morning, shine the time, and give some power to your technology.

9. Fluffy Rug

How about adding some texture to your room? You should get some fluffiness in your room for extra comfort. This is not something that a ton of dorm room accessories can provide, but a nice rug can satisfy this job. You don’t need to deal with a floor that is hard and cold. You can tell just by looking at this rug that is so soft. Some days you may want to just lay down on it and get comfy if you want to lie on the floor. Or you may have some guests over and they have to sit on the floor. With this rug, they will be more than happy with the floor. This rug also comes in may fun shades to add some color to your room. You may want a bright pink or a deep blue. Go with whatever makes for your ideal room. Get something soft for a room with comfortable vibes.

10. Star Projector

You should have a gorgeous room from day to night. However, when the lights are off, you don’t get to see all of your dorm room accessories. Here is a decoration that you can see in the night. This is a projector that will make your room look like the night sky. You just turn it on and your ceiling and walls will be covered with bright stars. It can be something cool to do with your room in the middle of the night. If you’re bored or you can’t go to sleep yet, turn the projector on and escape for a while. You don’t have to think about anything else, just be absorbed in your own little planetarium. Your room will stand out as people will be able to see chill blue lights from your window. Relax and look at the night sky without setting foot outside.