15 Cute DIY Gifts That Are Perfect For That Special Someone

These cute DIY gifts make the perfect presents for anyone in your life! These ideas are super affordable and easy to make! Great ideas for any occasion.

Let’s be honest, buying gifts for the important people in our lives is much more of a challenge when we have a limited budget..especially during our broke college days. The idea of spending $50 on a cute bracelet for our roomie’s birthday or on a new shirt for our boyfriend seems quite unrealistic when all we have is that 20 dollar bill our parents gave us to last through the week (and toilet paper and food come before any form of gift giving.) So if you are one of many with a consistently empty wallet, cute DIY gifts can be your best friend around the holidays or important birthdays. Let’s see how crafty you can really get…here are 15 cute DIY gifts for the special someone (when you’re working with a tiny budget!)

1. A Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift in A Jar

Chocolate Chip cookies are the key to everybody’s heart. However, nothing is better when the ingredients are all in one jar and ready for you to bake! Ingredients in a jar allows for easy baking and quicker preparation time! Perfect for a last minute snack!

this cookie in a jar DIY gift looks so good!


2. A Dream Catcher

Whether decorating your new dorm room or new apartment, dream catchers add a nice touch to whatever room you are decorating. This is such a cute and easy DIY gift that you can gift to any friend or roomie and the steps are super simple!

This dreamcatcher is the perfect DIY gift to give!

3. A DIY Calendar

Help your person remember what day it is by creating a cute and artsy calendar! By creating it yourself you can add cute quotes to each day or even personalize it!


This DIY calender is such a cute DIY gift!

4. Chocolate Dipped Spoons To Make Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a nice cup of hot coco? With the chocolate dipped spoons, all you have to do is place it in hot milk and stir! Yummy!!!!

These chocolate dipped spoons are such a cute DIY gift idea!


5. A Collage Letter For Their Wall

A perfect gift for a friend, s/o, or roomie is one that has meaning! Put memories on a letter or symbol of almost any type of material. Makes for a great sentimental gift that could last a lifetime. Just find a wooden or Styrofoam letter at your local craft store and start gluing away! Once finished, you can cut off any of the excess on the sides with scissors.

These collage letters make such cute DIY gift ideas!

6. A Monogram Mug

Having trouble finding that perfect gift for someone? The Monogram mug is an easy and simple gift that you can literally give to anyone! Just follow the super simple steps below! All you need is a plain mug, stickers and a permanent marker!


This monogrammed mug is such a cute DIY gift idea!

7. “Always together never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart” Poster

Have a long distance friendship? This cute canvas is a perfect gift for that friend far away from home. All you need is plain canvas from a craft store, some stickers, markers or paint and you’re good to go!

This canvas quote is such a cute DIY gift idea!

8. A DIY Sangria

Perfect for a girl’s night in with your best friends! An easy and simple gift to put together for anyone who is a sangria fan.


This DIY sangria is a perfect DIY gift and looks so yummy!

9. This Simple Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

This scrub is a fun, cute and an easy gift to give to anyone in need of a little relaxation!

This vanilla brown sugar scrub makes the perfect DIY gift!


10. Glitter Mason Jars

Perfect to store things in and decorate a room with! An easy and custom gift that a friend can use for almost anything.

These glitter DIY mason jars make the perfect gift!

11. A Personalized Candle

Who doesn’t love a nice decorative candle? Especially one that is personalized! This is an easy gift to give to anyone of importance! You can get photo transfer gel here to apply the photo to the candle!


This photo candle makes such a cute DIY gift!

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12. Lavender Lemon Sugar Scrub

This scrub is a fun, cute and an easy gift to give for any occasion. Everyone adores the smell of lavender so why not give it as a gift in a nice relaxing scrub.


This lavender lemon sugar scrub is such a cute DIY gift!

13. A DIY Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love coming home to a nice relaxing bath? DIY bath bombs make every bath even more fun! (And totally instagrammable.) These are such pretty and cute DIY gifts to give!

These lush inspired bath bombs are such cute DIY gifts!


14. Bath Jellies

Similar to bath bombs, these bath jellies will make each bath more bubbly! Give someone the easy gift of a bath jelly!

These bath jellies make such cute DIY gifts!

15. Calming Glitter Jars

These glitter mason jars are super easy to create and are known to ease people’s anxiety!


These calming glitter jars make such cute DIY gifts!

What's better then a gift? A gift created by you. We have 15 DIY gift ideas for you!

Do you know of any other cute DIY gifts that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!
Image Sources: Pinterest.com