10 Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

10 Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

College dorm rooms are super boring, but one way to add some life to your room is by adding something to the walls. What better way to spice up your walls than by utilizing something that is both cute and functional like a cork board? Scrolling through Pinterest you’ll find hundreds of threads, but here are 10 cute DIY cork board ideas that are bound to inspire your own creation.

1. Keep it simple and just frame it

There’s nothing simpler than putting a cork board into a frame, even if you don’t think you have the DIY thumb you can do this. All you need is a piece of cork board and a frame that’s the same size, put them together and you’re done! If you want to get more creative though, you can build a frame or distress the frame for a more rustic look.

10 Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

2. Use stamps to personalize your board

Another simple thing to do to spice up a boring cork board is to stamp it. All you need are stamps, ink, and the board!

3. Get some tape and paint a geometric design

I’ve seen things just like this all over the place and I’m sure you have too. It’s no wonder though, it’s easy and super cute! For a geometric design, you don’t have to be super artsy, you just need tape and paint to go along with your board. Use the tape to create the design, paint over it, and once it’s dry just peel the tape off.

10 Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

4. Or find some doilies at a thrift store and create a lace design

There are a few ways to do this, you can simply glue the lace doily to the board or carefully paint and “stamp” it onto the board. Personally, I think it would be really cool to do a mixture of both, but you can do whatever you like! You could even use fabric as a sort of stamp or a sponge to dab along the board to make a really custom print.

10 Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

5. Repurpose wine bottle corks

This takes the term “cork” board a bit literally, but for all the wine lovers out there, this is a great way to utilize those corks I’m sure some of you have been saving for some sort of project. I love this idea because it’s truly personal and creates more texture to your space. Just gather all your corks and glue them together to create this DIY cork board.

10 Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

6. Use it as a way to store and display your jewelry

Looking for a different way to use your cork board instead of just hanging photos? Hang your jewelry instead! To make it more secure, I’d recommend getting little hooks and either gluing or screwing them into the board. That way if a bracelet or necklace has a bit of weight to it, you don’t have to worry that it’ll fall off the board.

7. Paint a cork board with some chalk paint

This gives you the best of both a cork bord and a chalkboard and it’s also something anyone can do regardless of creativity or DIY ability levels. Just pick up some chalkboard paint, some paint brushes, and your cork board and get to work! In no time you’ll have something you can hang things on and write on.

8. Change it up and make your own version out of a wire grid

So, this isn’t technically a cork board, but the idea is basically the same. Just find a wire grid, a frame, some clothes pins to hang things with, put them together and you’ll have an industrial meets rustic take on the traditional cork board.

10 Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas For Your College Dorm Room

9. Make it the shape of your home state

This is a fun one that might be a little tricky, but it’s definitely a cute idea – especially if you’re going to a school in a different state than you grew up. Honestly, I want to do this and I still live in my home state.

10. Keep it simple and just stick studs around the border

If all else fails, find some cute studs and poke them around the board to frame it. This is super simple, easy, and cute.

If you recreated any of these or have any other DIY cork board designs, share them in the comments below!

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