15 Cute Denim Outfits To Try Out This Spring

Spring is approaching and so are cute denim outfits. Wearing denim in the spring makes any outfit look casual and pairs well with almost anything. You’ve probably experienced the awkward temperature drops in the spring when it’s warm during the day and drops to a chilly night. Denim is perfect for those occasions because it’s not too thick or thin, and it keeps you comfortable.

1. Long Denim Jacket

This jacket pairs well with sneakers or combat boots. Throw on a t-shirt dress underneath this denim jacket and you’re ready to go.

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2. Extra Distressed

Ripped jeans are always in. Roll up your jeans above your ankles and wear them with sneakers for a casual day and switch it up to heels for the night. High waisted is always the answer.

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3. Skirts

These high waisted denim skirts are perfect for the warm weather. A pair of white sneakers and a crop top will complete this outfit.

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4. Overalls

This outfit has a throw back twist to it. Pair these overalls with a crop top for a more feminine look or wear them with a simple t-shirt.

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5. Studded

Studs add a rocker chic look to your outfit. These super cute high waisted denim shorts offer unique embellished studs which are perfect to make a statement.

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6. Wear A Hoodie Underneath

This street fashion inspired look is comfortable and casual. Perfect for throwing on a pair of leggings.

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7. Pair It With A T-Shirt

Wear your miniskirt with an old t-shirt. It’s a casual and cute.

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8. Overall Shorts

Complete these overall shorts with an off shoulder top. It’s a super sweet outfit that shows off some skin.

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9. Daisy Dukes

Show off those legs and get yourself a pair of short shorts that reveal the pockets. It’s almost the summer time, get ready to get some sun and a nice tan.

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10. Boyfriend Jeans

Yes please. Boyfriend jeans make cute denim outfits because it flatters all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to worry about feeling bloated in traditional skinny jeans or those intimidating tight AF denim skirts.

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11. Loose Button Down Shirt

Wear this denim button down on with a bandanna for a country look. Throw on a bralette underneath if you’re going out for the night.

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12. Ultra High Waisted And Loose

These scream vintage. Get your grunge 90s vibe on and get yourself a pair of these jeans.

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13. Distressed High Waisted Shorts

Cut off jean shorts go will go with every top. It’s definitely a spring/summer staple.

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14. The Sweater Denim Hybrid

The comfort of your favorite hoodie is now infused with a denim jacket. This jacket is a staple for your wardrobe.

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15. Canadian Tuxedo

This is the best denim outfit for all you denim lovers. I present to you the ultimate denim outfit, the Canadian tuxedo. Pair your favorite denim shirt with a different wash of your favorite jeans or skirt. If you want to go all out, wear the same wash and you’ll stand out for sure.

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Would you wear these cute denim outfits this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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