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Cute Decorations For Your Dorm

When you move into your first dorm at college, you want to make it feel like a home so that you aren’t stressed throughout your school life. Creating a space, you are comfortable in can help ensure feeling calm about your new classes, this new world, and the possibility of sharing a room with someone. 

This list will go through some different ways you can experiment with decorating your room into something that reminds you of your home or shows off your personality. Maybe your home wasn’t somewhere you could decorate the room the way you’d like, but now you can have the freedom to do so. 

1. Tapestries

Tapestries are such fun ways of decorating your dorm rooms, and you can find so many different styles of them, and they are pretty easy to find. There are websites dedicated to selling tapestries, or you can just do a simple search on Amazon and discover hundreds of them.

There are so many different styles of tapestries, and you can look for more contemporary, trippy, and gothic styles, or you could do more funny ones. 

There are a lot of different ways to customize them, too. You can pick out a tapestry representing Tarot cards, your favorite horror movie, or even a meme you enjoy. 

2. Fairy Lights

Hanging fairy lights, or curtain lights, are soft ways of lighting up your room, and you can hang them up on your side of the dorm. If you have a lifted bed with a desk underneath, you can light up the underneath by using them as curtains going to your desk. 

Some lights have different color options, so whatever color you feel that day, you can set it as the lights. Some of these lights also have dimming options, so you may not want the lights to be on bright at night. Just dim them to a lower setting. 

You can also use this to decorate a tapestry if you plan on getting one by hanging them in front of the tapestry or around them. There are also wired fairy lights, so you can bend and curl them around whatever surface you choose. 

3. Photo Clip String Lights

These lights are similar to curtain lights but come with miniature clothespins or some way of placing photos on them. With these lights, you can create a collage of your family and friends. This is a great addition and can help a lot with feeling homesick. With these decorations, you can remember home, especially if you live out of state. 

4. Posters

There are so many different kinds of posters you can decorate with, and you can have one or many. Maybe you like to have anime and can use several posters to create a collage. Or you can choose one poster. 

If I were to use posters to decorate my room, I would use horror film posters to create a wall of my favorite movies, which can showcase my interests. 

5. Hanging Leaves

Hanging leaves are some of the prettiest decorations I can think of, and they can really add a cute, cottagecore style of decoration to your side of the dorm. Like the fairy lights, you can use this to hang down your wall or tapestry or simply wire them around your bed posts. 

Along with your leaves, you can find some with fake flowers made into them, and it can add such a nice pop to your room.

6. Rolling Cart

This isn’t a decoration, but something that would work so well in a dorm for storage and holding snacks – or anything you’d like to put in it. On Amazon, you can find a few cute ones with different features. Once you are done using it, you can just roll it away. 

7. Fake (Or Real) Plants

Fake plants are a personal favorite of mine, mainly because I can’t seem to keep a real plant long enough. Fake plants scattered around the apartment can add a more lively feel to your dorm and make it feel cozier.

They also make many fake plants, from cacti to hanging plants. Real plants are also an option if you have a green thumb and can keep them alive. 

8. Neon Sign

Neon signs are a great way to add a splash of color and light to your decorations, and there are so many designs you can choose from. You can pick custom words, a certain phrase, or certain shapes. Some of them on Amazon include the bunny sign, heart, ‘xoxo,’ and so many more.

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9. Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are so aesthetically pleasing I have to get some for myself. I love how they look, but this might not be an option if your form won’t let you put a hook or nail on the wall. 

There are different styles of these shelves as well. On amazon, I found a corner version with three shelves that looked nice, but there are also normal single shelves and two and three shelves. 

10. Curtains For Bed

If your dorm bed is lifted with a desk underneath as a study space, these curtains can add privacy around your desk and make it look cozy. Amazon has some different styles, but my favorite is the simple two curtains, whether you push them from the middle to the side. There are also single-cloth curtains that you can keep fully closed.

11. Wall Collage Kits

These are similar to the posters, but I put them in a different spot because you can buy these collage kits online, so it fits a certain theme. If you go on Amazon and search Wall Collage Kits, you can find so many different themes that you can choose from. There are botanical themes, neon lights, space, pastels, and more.

12. Trinkets

Trinkets are some of my favorite ways to decorate a room. They are so fun and can show your personality so much. Small items you have collected throughout life help remind you of your childhood, home life, or even places you’ve been to. 

These are twelve options for decorating your dorm that I hope you enjoy! I hope you can decorate your dorm any way you prefer and you can proudly display your personality through your decorations. 

Which ones of these are you using to decorate with? Let us know in the comments below!

Lillian Nichols

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