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12 Cute Decor Ideas To Organize Your Dorm

Organizing your dorm room doesn’t mean it has to look boring. Here are some cute decor ideas to help make your room aesthetically pleasing and organized.

1. We stan standing shelves

Most dorms will come with their own shelving, but it’s usually pretty minimal. Buying your own standing shelves can add some more room for your books and note pads but also dressed up with plants and picture frames that add a more homey feel. These standing shelves come in many shapes and sizes that will fit any sized dorms. The most popular is the tall and slim shelves because they won’t take up a lot of room and make space feel bigger. There are also the wide, square-shaped shelves that can include canvas drawers that come in colorful patterns and act as an additional dresser. These can be found at any big retailer or ordered online, and are easy to put together.

2. Hanging closet organizer

You don’t want to fill your closet or drawers to capacity. It will not only make your clothes are to find, but it looks messy and chaotic. Hanging closet organizers come in many different forms. There are some for shoes, some that look like extra shelves, some with thin slots, and so on. We recommend the hanging ones that add some extra shelving for folded clothing. These can come in canvas, plastic, wired or other kinds of material. Find a color or style that matches the rest of your room so it flows with everything.

3. Hanging baskets

Over time, papers, folders, and mail can pile up and get lost in the chaos. Try taking these off your desk or floor and organize them in a hanging basket on your wall. These come in many different colors and materials, but try to find one that lightweight to avoid any wall damage. You can buy different sized baskets for different purposes and even add some cute labels to them. It’s easy to reach up and store away your papers or quickly grab and object that’s hanging close to you. This is an efficient and cute decor item.

4. Yes, more baskets

You can use baskets the regular way too. Baskets are great because they hold a lot and can be placed on a shelf or on top of any surface and it looks clean and organized. These are all universal as they can hold clothes, makeup, toiletry items, school supplies, books and more. See-through, wire baskets are the most popular for their aesthetic. Whichever kind of basket you buy, be sure the color of it matches the rest of your room.

5. Get hooked

Hooks allow you to add more space to your room and keep everything organized by simply hanging some items you would otherwise toss on the floor. For example, take your backpack off the ground and hang it, hang your bath towels on the back of your door, or place your keys on a hook at the end of the day, so you don’t lose them. Use anything to hang things on, such as your bed frame, your door, or chair. You can buy wall-friendly hooks that are very stylish at any big retailer.

6. You can’t build out so build up – stacking

I know stacking can look kind of unorganized and not as cute as we would like, but when you’re in a small room or if you’re sharing with someone you want to make the most of your space. There’s a way to stack things that don’t look cluttered or ugly.

Try stacking like-items. For example, you want to stack your microwave on your mini-fridge and make that area the food and eating area. You can add cute baskets to hold your food or a small drawer to hold silverware. Another example would be stacking your printer on a table that also holds your books or paper. You don’t want to stack your printer on your mini-fridge, that would look cluttered and confusing.

7. Drawer organizer is a time saver

College can get pretty crazy, so it’ll be hard to keep things perfectly organized between busy schedules and doing tons of school work. So, when you’re writing a paper you don’t want to reach into your desk drawer and pull out a hair tie when you’re looking for a highlighter. Having your drawers organized can help you save time digging for certain things and having to re-organize later. Drawers can be organized with cute containers, cups, baskets, and fitted drawer organizers. Find what works best for you and what fits in your drawers to get the most out of space.

8. Toss it in the shoe basket

Shoes can take up a lot of space in your closet, space that you could use for extra clothes, towels or blankets. Instead, a shoe basket helps take back some of the space. Not to mention how much easier it will be to reach in and grab your pair and toss them back in when you’re done. Make sure the color or design of the basket matches the rest of your room

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9. Don’t use labels – unless it’s for room organization

Labels are cute decor to add to any part of your room. It will help you stay organize and you can make them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and not with a label maker. For example, if you have good handwriting you can write them on colorful or patterned paper and laminate them. If you don’t want to write them yourself, you can type them on the computer in a font you like and print them out.

10. Roommate finder

These are a cute trend to help your roommate know where you are when you are not around. These are also fun little DIY projects to do before you move into your dorm or you can do one with your roommates as a fun bonding activity. All you need is some paper, markers, and clothespins. Write your name on the top of the paper and then list some locations you tend to be the most at. When you leave or enter your dorm, you can adjust the clothespin to the appropriate location. When you know where your roommate is, it’s one less thing to worry about!

11. Extra desk shelving will make your room pop

Most of your room space will be taken up by your desk, and it always seems like there are not enough drawers or desk space to hold all you want. Before you know it, your desk will become a cluttered mess that you definitely don’t use to do homework on. Not to worry, you can add extra some shelving to your desk. These are sold at any big retailer or online or you could get creative and build your own. Not only does the extra storage help with your organizing but its a really cute decor piece that makes your room stand out. Add some plants, photos, and little nick-nacks to dress it up, and you’re golden.

12. The classic display board

Display boards can be a regular, whiteboard, corkboard, or magnetic board. These can help you write or post notes, reminders, or other important information. It can also be made cute by adding pictures of your family and friends, stickers, or other fun things. These display boards are classic for a reason, they help you stay organized, can be personalized for any person, and never go out of style.

Overall, it’s important for your dorm room to have the perfect balance of organization but still feel like home. Which one of these cute decor ideas are you going to try for your dorm? Leave a comment and let us know!

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