Cute Dates Ideas For The Summer

Cute Dates Ideas For The Summer

Looking to spice up date night for the summer? These different date ideas are cute, romantic, unique and will leave a lasting impression on your date. Check out these ideas so you can create some special memories for the summer!

1. Outdoor Movie

One of the cutest date night ideas for the summer goes back to the 50s when watching movies outdoors was fun and exciting. Now a days it’s easy to get your hands on a laptop with Netflix or an outdoor projector to set up a movie outside. With the warm air on a summer night, it’s easy to grab a light blanket and set up a cozy theater-like atmosphere. Grab some popcorn, candy and wine to complete the movie going experience. This summer date is a perfect surprise without much effort!

2. Star Gazing

Star gazing is always a romantic and intimate date that is perfect for the summer. Grab some pillows and thick blankets—throw them in the back of your truck and head out to the middle of nowhere. Once it gets dark you will be able to see a whole sky full of stars. The summer is a perfect time for a star gazing date because the weather is just cooling down from the heat of the day!

Cute Date Ideas For The Summer

3. Paddle Boats

A group paddle boat ride is a cute date idea for the summer for an active couple. This requires a bit of leg power to paddle through the lake, but it’s also a fun relationship building exercise. Grab some active clothes, some comfortable shoes and book your paddle boat for a cute and romantic summer date!

4. Picnic by Fire

Picnics have always been romantic dates. Take it one step further by sitting fireside while eating and drinking. This cute date idea for the summer is perfect for intimate conversations. Your picnic by the fire should have food that is easy to roast like hotdogs or s’mores. This will incorporate the fire with your picnic perfectly.

5. Plant a Garden

Head to your closest garden center and pick up a few single flower plants, vegetables, and herb plants. Take your date outside to plant a little garden together—this is a great relationship building activity. The garden is something that you will both look forward to and follow its growth throughout the summer!

6. Waterfall Hike

The summer time is perfect for a hike for an active couple. Grab your date and pick out a nearby hike that leads to a waterfall. Keep the waterfall a secret and just let your partner know you’re heading on a hike. The end of the hike leading to a waterfall will be the cutest surprise for a fun and exciting summer date!

Cute Date Ideas For The Summer

7. Zoo Date

Your local zoo is a great way to get outside without doing any physical activity. Seeing all the various animals at the zoo will be educational and offers something different from the normal dinner and a movie date. The zoo is outdoors so it will be easy to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine together. Plus, there are so many cute photo opportunities to take with different animals for sentimental memories to look back on!

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8. Carnival Date

The summer comes with various carnivals and state fairs. Grab your date and spend a night at the carnival. There are so many opportunities for pictures, prizes, cotton candy and chances to steal a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel. This cute summer date idea can only be taken advantage of from May to August so hurry and plan a day!

Cute Date Ideas For The Summer

There’s no use in relying on the basic boring dinner and a movie date when there are so many other fun date ideas perfect for this summer. Try something new this summer!

Do you have any summer date ideas? Share with us in the comments!

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Cute Dates Ideas For The Summer

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