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7 Cute Date Spots In Toronto For You And Your SO

7 Cute Date Spots In Toronto For You And Your SO

Cute Date Spots In Toronto For You And Your SO

How many date spots are there in Toronto? A lot! There are things to experience for every couple. Whether you two are total foodies and want to try some snack out, or explore the history of the city. Check out these 7 spots in Toronto to have your next date.

1. Toronto Island

Take a ferry ride to this spot. If you see that there’s going to be a perfect day to spend outdoors, take advantage of it here where you can ride a bike on the island or even ride a kayak around it. The island isn’t huge so you can explore the whole thing. Stop by the amusement park or check out the cute houses in the neighborhoods. This is one of the date spots where you can do a whole mix of things together. A round trip on the ferry is just $5.16 for students!

7 Cute Date Spots In Toronto For You And Your SO

2. Queen St. West

One of the most interesting places in downtown Toronto, you can see so many cool people on Queen Street. Not only are the people cool but it has some amazing shops, and is filled with date spots. Go thrift shopping together and check out Black Market and Tribal Rhythm. The street is filled with a lot of eateries so go get lunch and maybe even a dessert. Or check out the graffiti alley and have a photoshoot. Queen Street is filled with so many things to do with your SO. Make sure to check out the magical store called Curiosa.

7 Cute Date Spots In Toronto For You And Your SO

3. Ikea

Definitely one of the more random date spots, Ikea is simple but super fun. The dates can be either short or can take some time. You can just go in and get a super cheap and delicious Swedish meatball meal or also walk around and check out the cool rooms they have. If one of you needs to go there for furniture, go together, it’s pretty tough carrying a long and heavy box by yourself. If you live in Toronto, check out the one that is on the Queensway.

4. Snakes and Lattes

Game board cafes make perfect date spots. They have such a large selection of board games to play together. While you play the board games you can enjoy a drink, alcoholic or not. Not only that, but they also serve food. The entrance fee is less than $10 for unlimited bard game fun, and food drinks are extra. One board game I recommend to play with a partner is Fog of Love. There are multiple Toronto locations such as College and Annex.

5. The Revue

This theatre holds a lot of fun screenings that are definitely something everyone to try out because they have something for everyone. Grab our partner and check out one of their drunken cinemas events. They’re always holding screenings of fun films. You can find this cinema at 400 Roncesvalles Avenue where tickets are $12 or half price on Tuesdays.

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7 Cute Date Spots In Toronto For You And Your SO

6. FNL At The ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum, filled with a floor of dinosaurs, hosts a party every Friday. Admission starts at $17.52 for students and lets you into all the galleries and current exhibits. Walk around the museum while sipping on a drink from the bar, listen to the DJs they have there, and chat with some great people. The Royal Ontario Museum is located at 100 Queen’s Park.

7. Casa Loma

Located at 1 Austin Terrace Park, Casa Loma is a castle downtown. The entrance fee is a little pricier than the other date spots listed, starting at $30. However, it is totally worth it, especially if you and your date are feeling in a romantic mood. This beautiful castle has so many unique rooms to look at and take you back in time. If you guys want some more fun, make sure to try out the escape series they have.

7 Cute Date Spots In Toronto For You And Your SO

Grab your soulmate or just do a friends date, and check out what the city has to offer. Exploring a place with someone else is a great experience and has a strong bonding aspect. If you’ve been anywhere cute downtown with you SO, where did you go?

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