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Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

date night, Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

Date night out can be super fun, but sometimes you want to stay in. Here are some really cute ideas for dates that you can do in your dorm room.

Have A Movie Night In Style

Sure, the default date night when you’re staying in your dorm is to watch a movie. But I’m not talking any normal movie night, though! This isn’t your average Netflix and chill. Take the time to go to your Redbox and get a movie that’s come out, or pay the $3.99 to rent a movie you’ve really been wanting to watch instead of just scrolling through a streaming service until something eventually catches your eye. Make some popcorn, grab you and your partners’ favorite sweets and drinks from the convenience store, and dim the lights! If you take the time to prep and make it special, it won’t feel like you’re being lazy staying in again. It’ll feel special, like you’re in a movie theater for just you two but a lot more comfortable because you’re in bed. Hot tip: if you don’t have a TV in your dorm like most of us, set up your computer on your desk chair next your bed so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or getting comfortable. You can then also adjust the height so it’s perfect for both of you!

Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

Have A Game Night

Nothin brings a couple together or breaks one apart faster than some healthy competition. All jokes aside, it can be really fun to have a game night with just you and your partner. A personal favorite game of mine is poker, except in addition to playing with some sort of money to bet (I often use coins that all end up going back in the piggy bank but this could totally work with candy or popcorn!) you can also play so whoever wins the hand gets to ask the other person a question. It’s a great way to get to know your partner or ask them some funny or inappropriate questions you normally wouldn’t ask. If you have them, you might try playing board games you used to play. Or, bring it into the digital age and play an online game like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes for some bonding. Try to keep the competition light hearted, though, otherwise things might get heated! Make sure to ask your partner if there are any games they have or that they want to play. Chances are someone on campus will probably own them if neither of you do! Yahtzee, Uno, and Sorry are all solid choices for a date night. Or you could play Jenga and write questions on each block. The options truly are endless!

Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

Do A Fun Craft Together

Couples that craft together stay together. But seriously, this is a super cute date night that can really be fun if you do it right! Find a craft both of you can do, or make it a challenge. See who can draw something the best fastest, or try to paint or draw a portrait of each other as a gift. Even better: if you’re legal and allowed to drink in your dorm, try and paint each other drunk. Make sure your partner’s into it and having fun if it’s more your thing than yours. You’ll both walk away from the date with something to hang on your wall or, if you’re like me, something you’re embarrassed to show people. If you’re really adventurous you could pull a bit of a Titanic and pose for each other. Just know it probably won’t be the most amazing rendering if you and/or your partner aren’t artists. Before you start crafting, make sure you mess-proof your dorm so you don’t ruin your rug or get paint on your comforter. You don’t want to be fined or have to scrub marker off your desk for a week.

Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

Invite Them Over To Watch The Game (Then Actually Watch It)

Is your partner looking forward to an upcoming sporting event? Maybe their favorite soccer team has a match or their home team has a football game. Get it streaming on your laptop, get some chips and dips and (if you’re legal and allowed it in the dorms) beer, and watch the game with them. It might not be your favorite thing, but at least you’ll be spending time together. And who knows, maybe you’ll like it better than you expect! If you’re feeling extra, try and wear the colors of the team you’ll be cheering for or, if you’re feeling a little sassy, cheer for the other team to rile your partner up! Do your best to pay attention and ask questions when you don’t know what’s going on, and try to be understanding if their team loses and they get all up in their feelings about it. They’re invested, can you really blame them? It’ll be a lot more fun if you try to match their enthusiasm, and who knows, maybe you’ll fake it till you make it and actually get really into it!

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Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

Have A Dessert Tasting In Your Dorm

Head to your local grocery store and get a bunch of different dessert options. Hopefully you can find some with small servings! Maybe get single servings of a few different ice creams, get some different kinds of cookies– whatever you like! Get some plates to serve it on and a ton of napkins, pick out a really cute movie to watch, and get all cuddly in your bed with your partner. If you’re really extra, you can make up little score cards to keep track of what you think. Any excuse to eat a lot of sugar, am I right or am I right? This is a really low key date that can be thrown together pretty quickly which is great. And you can totally do it with different foods! Chips, candy, pizza– you name it!

Cute Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In Your Dorm Room

Are you going to try any of these? Let me know if you do in the comments and how it went! I’d love to know.

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