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Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

Date ideas are sometimes hard to come by, especially if you’ve lived in the same town for a while.  In Cleveland, there are so many places for you and your date to visit both inside and on the outskirts of the city. This guide will give you cute and unique places to get to know your date.

Superelectric Pinball Parlor

The Superelectric Pinball Parlor is located on the Southwest side of Cleveland and is definitely a hidden gem in the city. They had old school games all the way back from 1977 and take quarters in order to play. They are open until 11pm on weekdays and 1am on weekdays, so it gives you plenty of time to stop in and check it out. They have themed nights, so take a trip out there on Thursdays for “date night.”

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

Wade Oval

Wade Oval is located in the University Circle area of Cleveland and is perfect for both a summer and winter date. In the summer months, Wade Oval is the perfect place to take a walk, have a romantic picnic, or attend a free concert on “Wade Oval Wednesdays.” In the winter, head over to try out ice skating with your significant other.

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

Little Italy

Italy is one of the world’s most romantic countries, so Little Italy must be the same way, right? Although this version of Little Italy isn’t nearly as big as it is in cities like New York, it’s a great way to walk around and explore another culture without actually leaving your city. You can find plenty of authentic restaurants to choose from and a bakery for some after dinner dessert.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Everyone knows about the Cleveland Museum of Art, but I’m including it on this guide in case you’re new to town. Even if you aren’t super into art, this museum is a great way to spend quality time with your date. If the conversation slacks off, talk about practically any aspect of this museum and it’s sure to start back up. Plus, this museum is ALWAYS free, so it’s a great place to go if you’re on a budget.

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

West Side Market

The West Side Market is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland and is the perfect place to take your date if you’re into casual strolls. It is filled with vendors selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, pasta, and practically anything else you can think of. If you want to make the date a little longer, pick up some fresh ingredients to take home and make your date dinner with.

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

See Also

Lakewood Solstice Steps

In 2015, the town of Lakewood built these solstice steps as a place for couples and families alike to hang out at night. Lakewood is just West of Cleveland and located on Lake Erie, giving you the perfect few of the sunset over the water. Take your date here to cozy up and finish off the night.  It can get slightly crowded, but it’s all part of the comradory and fun this spot brings.

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

Table Top Board Game Cafe

This cafe is the perfect hidden gem for you and your date. It only costs $5 to get a table that allows you to play any board games for an unlimited amount of time. They also serve soups, sandwiches, and salads if you choose to have a snack there. It’s best to get there early if you plan on actually playing because the tables do fill up fairly quickly.

Cute Date Ideas To Try In Cleveland

There are plenty of date ideas in Cleveland, you just have to look around and find the hidden gems. Comment below with any date ideas to add to this guide!

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