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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Texas Tech

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Texas Tech

Texas is a huge state, so naturally, there are plenty of fun things to do. But when you’re with your special someone, you always want to make sure the plan is just right. For some help and inspiration, here are some cute date ideas to do around Texas Tech.

1. Stars and Stripes Drive-In.

There aren’t many drive-ins left, but there just happens to be one right near Texas Tech that is a perfect date-night spot. Grab your truck, head on over to the Stars and Stripes Drive-In, and enjoy watching recent movies with your date.

2. Have drinks on Broadway.

For those 21 and older folks, Broadway is known all around Lubbock for being the hotspot for great bars and drinks. Have a margarita at Chimy’s or some delicious beer from the tap at Mesquite’s and you’re sure to have a great time.


3. Grab your boots and go two-stepping at Wild West.

Grab your partner and get ready to put those dancing skills to the test. There is nothing more West Texas than putting on your cowboy boots and heading to Wild West with your date for college nights on Thursdays. Don’t worry about having two left feet; two-stepping is piece of cake!

4. Go stargazing.

The night skies around Texas Tech are so clear that you can see the stars for miles. Drive about 10 minutes in any direction in Lubbock and you will probably find a great spot to take out your beau’s ride, lie out, and point out the constellations to each other. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see a shooting star!



5. Watch the sunset.

The sunsets at Texas Tech are probably some of the most gorgeous sunsets you will ever see during your time here on Earth. Find a spot on campus or drive out into the countryside and watch the sunset together. You’ll fall in love with the sunset and with your significant other even more.

6. Hike at Ransom Canyon.

Ransom Canyon is known for being the center of hiking – other than Palo Duro, which is further out from Tech – near Texas Tech and nearly everyone spends a weekend or two hiking and enjoying the view up there. You certainly don’t have to be in great shape or even be a fan of the outdoors to enjoy this great place. It’s not hard to hike and the view is magnificent.

7. Go to Buffalo Springs Lake.

If you’re looking to spend a weekend or a day out on the water then Buffalo Springs Lake is the place you’ll want to go. This lake is beautiful and is surrounded by some great hills that you can also hike and get a great, whole view of the lake. Take some food to grill out and enjoy a day on the lake. Remember to put on sunscreen!

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8. If it’s game day, go to a tailgate together and dress in Tech attire.

Everyone LOVES game day here in Raiderland and what better occasion to show your love support for your school than to dress in Tech attire and tailgate together. Tailgating is a college football tradition anywhere and doing it at Tech will definitely make for some good memories and cute pictures.

9. Take a walk during the First Friday Art Trail every month.

Romantic walks on the beach are overrated. Take a walk through Lubbock’s Cultural District on the first Friday of every month and see some of the best art galleries. You can also meet the artists.



10. Grab some authentic Mexican snacks and treats at Raspados Colima.

It’s Texas – a neighbor of the Mexican border – so who wouldn’t like some nice, authentic Mexican food? Raspados Colima is a small but delicious place where you can find all sorts of Mexican treats and goodies. They also have a taco truck that serves some of the best authentic tacos around Tech. Make sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat with your date!

Do you have any other cute date ideas to do around Texas? Share below!

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